Requesting Your Recommendations

I believe there is a small group of Capitol Hill senators and representatives, on both sides of the aisle, who authentically recognize that responsible policymaking must synergize the deepest concerns and highest intentions that both sides of the aisle hold about each issue.

I believe this small group has not yet mastered the art of  digging beneath surface positions to identify deep concerns and high intentions that open the door to co-creating synergized solutions.

I believe that the challenge that this small number of elected officials face is that coercion and compromise are the dominant problem-solving tactics used on Capitol Hill.

I believe that this small group wants the third way: effectively replacing these dysfunctional tactics with synergistic collaboration. And I believe they are seeking training and facilitation that makes this possible.

What I seek from you is names of one or more Capitol Hill representatives and/or senators on the right and/or left who you believe might be part of this small group.

If you do, please provide me with their name(s), a sentence or 2 about why you believe they are seeking this, and let me know if you have any contacts who might be able to put me in touch with them.

If you would rather not publicly post the information I am requesting, please backchannel me.

The time to identify & mobilize this small group is now. My aim is to provide this opportunity to the handful of Capitol Hill representatives & senators who are seeking this. Thank you in advance for providing me with leads.

This is a joint project between my FREEsponsibility Initiative and Hugh Ballou’s SynerVision Leadership Foundation.

I look forward to receiving your recommendations.