Training Programs That Build on Dr. Gruder’s Keynotes

Dr. Gruder’s acclaimed PsychPreneur™ skills development programs enable your enterprise to flourish at the level of its intentions instead of flounder at the level of its people’s psychological limitations.

» Collaborative Accountability – The New Business IQ: How do you virtually eliminate laziness, undependability, entitlement, lack of self-responsibility, and employee fraud? By creating a collaborative accountability company culture that Makes Integrity Profitable™.

  • Half-day version focuses on basic skills for creating accountability-capable agreements and employee upgrade plans.
  • Full-day version adds interventions for promoting self-responsibility by effectively speaking up about and broken agreements and dealing with them in ways that simultaneously improve company productivity, team collaboration and employee fulfillment.
  • Two-day version adds extensive role-play practice and/or building customized agreements to match a team’s needs.
  • Three-day version adds advanced techniques for collaboratively resolving conflict with self-responsibility, honesty, compassion and healthy boundaries.
  • Four-day version for managers, HR professionals and coaches, adds role-playing exercises to practice training others in Collaborative Accountability methods.
  • Four-day version for helping professionals adds role-playing for doing therapy with people who have difficulty with being self-responsible, accountable or collaborative.

» Mastering Right Use of Personal Power: This training equips you and your people with the clarity and skills that enable the five forms of personal power to serve your organization instead of harm it.

  • Half-day version illuminates the healthy and harmful expressions of each of the five forms of personal power.
  • Full-day version adds exercises to help participants identify the forms of personal power they over-rely on and neglect, and to discover the varieties of personal power that will help them be more effective in dealing with situations that are currently challenging them.
  • Two-day version adds training in a powerfully different approach to dealing with difficult people by identifying and effectively intervening with whichever types of personal power a difficult person is misusing and/or neglecting.
  • Three-day version for managers, HR professionals, coaches, and helping professionals adds role-playing exercises to practice coaching, mentoring or doing therapy with difficult people.

» An Integrated Strategy to Maximize Morale, Job Satisfaction, Loyalty, Productivity & Profits: This powerful Culture Upgrade training program establishes the kind of “Vertical Integrity” that can simultaneously transform your organization’s wellbeing and profitability. Your people align your “Enterprise True Value” to its customers and society with their “Job/Role True Value” in co-creating Enterprise Value, and discover how they express key portions of their “Life Mission” through their Job True Value.

  • One-Day version gets your whole team on the same page about your Enterprise’s True Value to its customers and society.
  • Two-Day version adds powerful processes to help each of your people identify their Job’s/Role’s Truein creating your Enterprise’s True Value to its customers and society
  • Three-Day version adds exercises that enable each of your people to articulate their Life Mission, and to identify the key portions of their Life Mission that they express through their Job/Role True Value’s contributions to the Enterprise’s True Value to its customers and society.
  • Four-Day version adds training for coaches and mental health professionals in facilitating these processes with clients, and training for HR professionals in facilitating this process within their company.

» The Seven WisePassions™ of Sustainable Happiness, Relationships & Success: Five key survival skills enable children to successfully cope with less-than-optimal circumstances while growing up, only to later sabotage authenticity relationships and success in adulthood. Seven life skills combine to create personal wellbeing, rewarding & productive relationships, career success, and making a positive difference in the world, all in an integrated way.

  • One-Day version illuminates your version of the five key childhood survival skills and helps you take your next steps in outgrowing them as an adult so you can successfully embody the Seven WisePassions™ of adult happiness and success.
  • Three-Day version adds transformational exercises to help you more fully embody each of the Seven WisePassions™, and helps you create your own personal development plan to build on your progress long after the training ends.
  • Four-Day version adds training for mentors, coaches and mental health professionals in facilitating these processes with clients.

»  The Rapid Self-Help Method for Busy Business People to Break Through Blocks & Magnify Peak Performance: Energy Psychology provides powerful 21st century ways to take charge of your wellbeing and success. Dr. Gruder’s Energy Psychology Self-Help™ method puts that power in the hands of you and your team.

  • Half-Day version provides a whirlwind set of learn-as-you-go exercises to get a feel for this six step process and includes Dr. Gruder’s Energy Psychology Anywhere™ CD set to help guide you through your self-help sequences.
  • Full-Day version adds more detailed processes so you develop confidence to being to use these methods on your own.
  • Two-Day version #1 adds training in using Energy Psychology Self-Help™ methods to supercharge your Intentional Effectiveness: your ability to more effectively and effortlessly manifest your top priority intentions.
  • Two-Day version #2 adds training in using Energy Psychology Self-Help™ methods to bring yourself into a more effective and abundant relationship with money.

» Creating Right Relationship With Money: Discover how your relationship with money got hijacked, the highly hidden yet deceptively simple principles that put you in charge of your relationship with money, and practical steps for turning money into your servant instead of remaining its slave.

  • Half-Day version provides you with a do-it-yourself template for creating right relationship with money.
  • Two-Day version adds the opportunity to move all the way through a powerful sequence of exercises for creating right relationship with money before the end of the training.
  • Four-Day version adds training in using Energy Psychology Self-Help™ methods to supercharge your progress in creating a more effective and abundant relationship with money.

» Conquering Anger Mountain™: There’s a profoundly empowering way to stop avoiding anger, feeling engulfed by it, or trying to control it, in yourself or in others, and start using anger as a powerful doorway into deeper wisdom. The key is that anger comes in four distinct varieties and each needs to be dealt with differently from the other three. This training takes you beyond Anger Management to Boundaries Intelligence through showing you how to recognize and effectively intervene with each of the four forms of anger.

  • One-Day version takes you through a powerful series of illuminating exercises for getting the upper hand with all four forms of anger.
  • Two-Day version adds a deep dive into strategies for resolving the most common and hardest-to-handle form of anger: Stuck Recycling Anger.
  • Three-Day version #1 adds powerful Boundaries Intelligence tools for safely and calmly dealing with anger in others and for dealing effectively with irresponsible people.
  • Three-Day version #2 adds powerful Boundaries Intelligence tools for dealing with blame and shame turned on yourself through your Inner Critic.
  • Four-Day version for helping professionals adds advanced training in how to facilitate Conquering Anger Mountain™ strategies with clients.

» Energy Psychology Training for Mental Health Professionals: The 21st century psychotherapeutic breakthrough that can supercharge your practice by helping your clients take charge of their wellbeing.

  • Half-Day version provides a whirlwind set of learn-as-you-go exercises to get a feel for Dr. Gruder’s six field-leading step Energy Psychology Essentials™ process and shows you how to teach clients to do effective Energy Psychology Self-Help™ sequences between sessions.
  • Full-Day version adds more detailed processes so you develop confidence Clinician-Strength Energy Psychology Essentials™ exercises so you can start integrating these methods into client sessions. Also your best possible doorway into the Association for Comprehensive Psychology’s Comprehensive Energy Psychology certification program that the Dr. Gruder co-architected.

» Socially Responsible Psychotherapy™: Strategies for helping your clients recognize and free themselves from our culture’s Hijacking of Happiness, and the epidemic of Entitlement Disorder & Learned Helplessness that this hijacking spawned. If psychotherapists don’t help clients develop their own Integrity Stimulus Plan, who will?!

  • One-Day version provides a whirlwind tour of how happiness, health, prosperity, empowerment and problem-solving got hijacked and outlines the keys to taking charge again in each of these areas.
  • Two-Day version adds specific exercises that therapists can take clients through to help clients take back their power create sustainable happiness and collaboration with others, without sacrificing wellbeing, prosperity or social responsibility.

» Become a PsychPreneur™ & Facilitate PsychPreneurship™ in Clients Who Are Entrepreneurs: Many mental health professionals possess a significant untapped reservoir of self-development expertise they could provide to the public that would be superior to what most non-mental health professionals currently provide. Not only would they serve the public by doing this; they would also supplement their income and generate more psychotherapy clients. What’s more, increasing numbers of mental health professionals are doing psychotherapy with entrepreneurs. In order to best serve them, practitioners have an ethical responsibility understand the world of entrepreneurship. This would enable them to offer psychological wisdom to entrepreneur clients at a depth they would otherwise be unable to provide. The best way for mental health professionals to develop these capabilities is to become entrepreneurs. And there’s no easier way for mental health professionals to become entrepreneurs than by providing psychoeducational resources.

  • One-Day version introduces mental health professionals to the psychology of entrepreneurship (PsychPreneurship™) and the six stages of entrepreneurial projects. It then moves into strategies for beginning to identify portions of their expertise that might lend themselves to being entrepreneurially converted into psychoeducational resources.
  • Two-Day version adds a sequenced series of processes enabling mental health professionals to make substantial progress with the first two entrepreneurial stages of project.
  • Three-Day version adds a detailed exploration of psychological factors contributing to entrepreneurial success, and how to raise and address these with psychotherapy clients who are entrepreneurs.

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