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In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, your enterprise’s sustainable success depends on being at the forefront of embracing a new 21st century version of “having it all.” Your people are thirsty to stop being harmed by the cultural deterioration that has been eroding their happiness, health, job fulfillment, collaboration effectiveness, and economic wellbeing.

Creating hyper-growth in your people’s dedication, productivity and accountability requires integrating business profitability, collaboration competence, and personal fulfillment around principles of self-responsibility, social responsibility, and sustainability.

Three core universal human intelligences form the engine that makes it possible for you to install this into your workplace:

  1. Integrity Intelligence
  2. Collaboration Intelligence
  3. Wellbeing Intelligence

High Performance Culture Architecture™ helps you select and develop the right group of highly competent, productive and accountability-capable people, who effectively and enjoyably synergize on behalf of your company’s or nonprofit’s mission and success, and in ways that also fulfill their higher-order human drives.

Dr. Gruder is a high performance company culture expert who mentors and trains entrepreneurs and executives whose personnel are not meeting their individual and team potential, in creating a self-sustaining high productivity high happiness culture that delights consumers and skyrockets profits. He does this by helping business leaders and teams:

  1. Get really excited about the ways they get to express their higher purpose by helping their company succeed;
  2. Contribute more effectively to their company’s success in ways that are more fulfilling; and
  3. Collaborate more productively and enjoyably… so their company consistently elevates its position as a highly profitable disruptive thought and market leader in their industry by proving that making integrity profitable is possible.

As your Corporate Culture Architect™, Dr. Gruder will help you optimize productivity by uniting integrity, accountability, job satisfaction and productivity in ways that maximize profits. He’ll help you, your executive team, and your implementation teams, step into the new version of a “having it all” culture by collaboratively installing this 3-dimensional foundation into your enterprise’s operating fabric.

When it’s important to your business’s growth or saleability to install the key building blocks that create a robust and rewarding culture in your board, executives, managers, and implementers, you’re ready for Dr. Gruder’s magic.


Dr. Gruder will facilitate your people in implementing culture development processes that they’ll be delighted to use because they are grounded in common sense, ethics, psychological wisdom, universal spiritual principles… and, most importantly from a motivational perspective, your people’s own self-interest.

His proprietary framework & procedures are designed to successfully upgrade:

 Your company’s sustainable productivity, profitability, morale, and loyalty

 Your governance group’s capacity for collaborative post-partisan problem-solving and governance

 Your nonprofit’s or cause’s effectiveness in fulfilling its mission

 Your educational institution’s position as a 21st century education leader


Dr. Gruder will train your leaders, executives, managers & implementation teams in road tested, easily learned, rapidly implemented, and sustainably maintained Integrity Intelligence, Collaboration Intelligence, Wellbeing Intelligence, and Culture Upgrade Skills, that are producing remarkable results in other enterprises.

Are you in an influential role within an enterprise that recognizes the importance of optimizing its Collaborative Culture Architecture™? Are you influential with someone who is in that kind of role in a business, nonprofit or governance group? If so, learn more about Dr. Gruder below and then, beneath that, review his services menu.

Why Dr. Gruder?

Dr. Gruder has provided keynotes, training programs and consultations in 8 countries on 3 continents and is a CEO Space International™ board member. In 2002, he was the first recipient of a leadership award named in his honor. In 2016, he received another award for his work in Culture Architecture. Among the 8 book awards this bestselling author has won is “Conscious Business & Leadership,” for his book on integrity intelligence, The New IQ (in this case, IQ means Integrity Quotient). He was also the Psychology Editor for Transcendent Thought & Market Leadership, wrote the Afterword for Amazing Workplace: Creating the Conditions that Inspire Success, and wrote a chapter in The Innovators: Advance Your Business With Revolutionary Strategies From Today’s Consulting Leaders on “Five Make-or-Break Success Keys for Visionary Thought Leaders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, & Nonprofit Executives.” These are but 4 of the 23 books he has authored, co-authored, been Psychology Editor for, or has written the foreword, afterword, or a chapter, in addition to having been featured in Forbes 17 times.

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Dr. David Gruder, the 11-award-winning founder & president of Integrity Culture Systems™, is a Psychologist specializing in Leader Effectiveness, Enterprise Success, and Culture Architecture. A highly rated international speaker, trainer, consultant, and trusted advisor, Dr. Gruder’s mission is to make happiness sustainable, collaboration productive, integrity profitable, and society healthy. He is known for his broad talents, integrative mind, unquenchable passion, huge heart, deep integrity, and naked authenticity. Those he assists ascribe their success to his uncanny ability to translate intentions and values into step-by-step implementation procedures that enable leaders, enterprises, and causes to walk their talk.


Dr. Gruder earned his PhD in clinical & organizational development psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in 1982, a decade after he was trained in Master Planning (50-100 year plans). An entrepreneur since 1980, he became been dually licensed in California as a psychologist (PSY9266) and a marriage & family therapist (MFT18889) in the mid-1980s. As a leader, trainer and keynote speaker, he combines 4 decades of expertise in curriculum design and training techniques with his early experiences as a musician (trombone and voice), actor, and vocal director, and his extensive experience providing psychotherapy between 1980 and 2000. As a professional writer and frequent media guest, he also draws on his early experiences as the executive editor of a university newspaper and his education in print and broadcast journalism.

In addition to international acclaim as a thought leader in integrity and ethics, Dr. Gruder’s expertise includes Leader Personal Power Effectiveness, Strategic Integrated Self-Development, High-Performance Team Collaboration, Holding People Accountable Without Being a Tyrant, the Psychology of Effective Messaging & Marketing, Entrepreneur Success Psychology (including Sequencing Effectiveness), the Psychology of Successful Rainmaking With Funders, Visibility Creators & Customers, Skills for Repairing Our Hyper-Polarized Perpetual Stress Society, and Energy Psychology.

Since the 1970s, Dr. Gruder has held administrative, leadership and training roles in virtually sector of the human potential movement. Over the course of his career, he has provided keynotes and training programs on well over 100 different topics in leadership, entrepreneurship, psychology, relationship development, and self-development, in 7 countries on 3 continents, and via the internet. He has been a consultant, mentor, and trusted advisor to a wide variety of leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, work teams, helping professionals, elected officials, and integrative self-developers, in the for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors. In addition to founding for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations, he has served on numerous boards of directors, has been Special Counsel to CEOs and Boards, has been a TEDx Speaker, and has trained a group of World Trade Organization Ambassadors.

Dr. Gruder is on the board & faculty for CEO Space International, a leading entrepreneur development organization. He is also a Core Faculty with the California Institute for Human Science, a Guest Faculty for the Association for Integrative Health & Medicine’s Interprofessional Fellowship Program, and a Certified Elder in the ManKind Project, an international nonprofit whose mission is creating a safer world through helping men become safer and more integrious. In the mid-1970s he was the administrative assistant to the president of Alfred University, and an administrator for the first integrative health & medicine professional organization, the Association for Holistic Health. He went on in 1998 to co-found and serve as the first president of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). He also co-architected ACEP’s code of ethics and two of their certification programs.

Dr. Gruder was taken by surprise in 2002 when he was named the first recipient of a leadership award that had been named in his honor (the David Gruder Leadership Award). He was proclaimed “America’s Integrity Expert” by Radio & TV Reports in 2008. In 2016, he received an additional award for his work in creating collaborative cultures in organizations.

Having grown up being relentlessly edited in technical writing by his attorney father, and in creative writing by his published-poet mother, Dr. Gruder was virtually destined to become a multi-award-winning author. As a young man, he added journalism to his repertoire through being a proofreader, reporter, columnist, and ultimately executive editor of his college newspaper. He has since appeared in 23 books that he has either authored, co-authored, been the Psychology Editor for, written chapters in, or authored forewords or afterwords.A  multi-category best selling writer (business leadership, business consulting, and small business & entrepreneur consulting), the books of which he has been the primary or sole author have won 8 awards in: “Politics & Society,” “Culture Change,” “Business & Leadership,” “Health & Wellness,” “Mental Health,” “Psychology,” and “Self-Help” (2 times). Those awards began with his first published book,Sensible Self-Help: The First Road Map for the Healing Journey, which won two book awards, including Colliers 1997 Mental Health Book of the Year. His classic on integrity restoration,The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships & Our World, earned six more awards. Over the course of his career he has also produced well over a dozen training manuals, 70+ audio programs, two certification programs, multiple online courses, and A Declaration of Global Responsibility: 10 Principles for an Integrated Response to the Root Causes of Terrorism.

Dr. Gruder credits his training in print and broadcast journalism in college with laying a solid foundation that resulted in his having given hundreds of local, syndicated, and national radio, television and print interviews over nearly 4 decades.He has also been published numerous articles in a variety of outlets. Some highlights include Inc (twice),Forbes (17 times), and Nonprofit Performance Magazine (3 times), and co-hosted the Integrity Talk Radio show until time demands made it impractical for him to continue that show.

A child of the 1950s & 1960s, David’s parents naively sent him to Woodstock when he was 15 (a very funny story!), and his experiences there continue to influence his personal and professional and personal life in surprisingly useful ways. He was equally profoundly impacted by having been in New York when 9-11 attacks occurred. David’s first love was music.When he won his first award at age 17 (the G. Gordon Knight Award for Outstanding Musicanship), he was expected by many to make music his career. From age 10 to 21, he performed on trombone and vocally. As a trombonist, he was in classical and marching bands, classical orchestras, jazz ensembles, and performed in pit orchestra for musicals. As a vocalist, he sang in large choirs, in small ensembles (classical, pop, and barbershop quartet), as a soloist, and as a lead-role actor in musicals. He also served as vocal director and assistant conductor for a couple of musicals. Having grown up in and around New York City, David has lived in San Diego, California, since 1975. His wife Laurie is a licensed acupuncturist and artist with a permanent exhibition in San Diego (and soon in Chicago as well). They take great delight in having boundless fun with each other, with their unendingly delightful cats Isabel & Sage, and with their family and friends.

As a Speaker, Trainer & Media Guest: Whether your audience is executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders/influencers, helping professionals, or advanced self-developers, Dr. Gruder has an array of A-List keynotes and training programs that will delight them. He can adapt any of his many existing presentations & programs to your specific audience, or he can rapidly develop a custom program exclusively for your needs.

As a Consultant, Advisor, & Mentor: Dr. Gruder provides consultations with businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, and governance groups, and he also advises and mentors a select handful of CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, change facilitators, and helping professionals.

How to Set Up an Engagement Exploration Meeting with Dr. Gruder: If you’re seeking a speaker, trainer, consultant, advisor, mentor, or media guest, Dr. Gruder welcomes your inquiries. Access his online scheduler by clicking the blue “Contact” button at the bottom of the pages on his main website (www.DrGruder.com) and then select the Engagement Exploration option.

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