Take Charge of Your Relationship With Your Heart: Special Interview With Laurie Morse, L.Ac.

Episode Description: Even though I was not planning to start interviewing people on my podcast for awhile, in honor of February being Heart Month, I made an exception and interviewed Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and gifted healer Laurie Morse on one of her numerous specialties: guiding women in navigating their menopause journey and preventing or reversing Heart Disease, so they can enjoy vibrant health throughout their second half life. In fact, Laurie’s latest book, Reverse Heart Disease Naturally ~ The Woman’s Guide to Not Die before Your Time, was an instant Amazon bestseller in 3 categories. (Oh, and I also happen to be Laurie’s husband!)

This episode is approximately 45 minutes long. Related resources — including Laurie’s free gifts that we mention toward the end of the episode — are beneath the episode player below. Do take advantage of them!

GoDeeper™ Resources Related to This Episode: Free Gifts From Laurie Morse

This episode’s special guest, Laurie Morse, L.Ac., has offered listeners two incredibly valuable free resources: A PDF of her bestselling book and a private heart health assessment with her. They may be gifts but don’t make the mistake of underestimating their immense value!


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