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Breaking stories demonstrate daily how our “integrity deficits” are creating our most serious problems. The economic meltdown, socially irresponsible business practices, political corruption, unsustainable government strategies, the erosion of health and healthcare, unhappy and irresponsible citizens, the deterioration of journalism… the list goes on and on. Sad as it is, all of these integrity deficits are an evergreen issue on everyone’s minds in virtually every news cycle. Dr. David Gruder is the Culture Psychologist that Radio & Television Interview Reports first named “America’s Integrity Expert” in 2008. He is the expert that journalists, talk show hosts and columnists turn to over and over for integrity analyses of today’s stories.

Why Utilize Dr. Gruder?

There are two main reasons Dr. Gruder has been called up for multiple hundreds of interviews:

  1. His unparalleled talent at connecting the dots among integrity, happiness, health, love, business, governance, and social responsibility (see his expertise areas below)
  2. His unifying perspectives are consistently embraced across the political and faith spectrums (see his range of kudos from the media)

To appreciate Dr. G’s authentic expertise areas, have a look at the remarkably broad range of categories in which his books have won awards:


Politics & Society

 Social Change

 Conscious Business & Leadership

 Health & Wellness

 Mental Health

 Transformational Psychology

 Self-Help (2x)

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