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Breaking stories demonstrate, on a virtually daily basis, how personal, leader, business, governmental, and societal “integrity deficits” are continuously creating serious problems.

Economic upheavals, socially irresponsible business practices, political corruption, unsustainable government strategies, the erosion of health and healthcare, unhappy and irresponsible citizens, the deterioration of journalism… the list goes on and on. Sad as it is, all of these integrity deficits are an evergreen issue that remains on most people’s minds in virtually every news cycle.

Dr. David Gruder is the Culture Psychologist that Radio-TV Interview Report named “America’s Integrity Expert” in 2008. He is the expert that journalists, talk show hosts and columnists turn to, over and over, for integrity analyses of emerging and evergreen stories.

Why Interview Dr. Gruder?

There are two main reasons Dr. Gruder has been called upon for multiple hundreds of interviews:

  1. He has an unparalleled talent at connecting the dots among integrity, happiness, health, love, business, governance, and social wellbeing. See his expertise areas below.
  2. Because his perspectives tend to be unifying rather than divisive they are consistently embraced across political, ideological and faith spectrums (except, of course, extremist outliers). See his range of kudos from the media.

To appreciate the remarkable range of topic areas on which Dr. G has been interviewed, review the unusually broad range of categories in which he has received personal and book awards:

  • Visionary Leadership
  • Politics & Society
  • Social Change
  • Conscious Business & Leadership
  • Business Culture Creation
  • Health & Wellness
  • Mental Health
  • Transformational Psychology
  • Self-Help

Dr. G’s range of journalism and media experience is quite unusual for a clinicial and organizational development psychologist:

  • He was the Executive Editor of his university’s newspaper during the first half of the 1970s
  • His first airwaves radio show and commentaries aired during the first half of the 1970s
  • He started being interviewed by newspaper reporters during the first half of the 1970s
  • He started being interviewed on airwave TV and radio shows starting in the 1990s
  • He co-hosted the Integrity Talk Radio show during the first decade of this century
  • He has been featured numerous times in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and NonProfit Performance
  • He currently hosts his own internet show and co-hosts two podcasts
  • Today he continues to constantly be invited to be interviewed and is usually asked back because of the value of his interviews

Interviews Dr. Gruder Has Given & Kudos He’s Received

Some of the Kudos Dr. Gruder Has Received From Those Who Have Interviewed Him

  • “Today’s preeminent thought leader on practical ways to bring integrity back into daily life, relationships, business, politics, the media, eduction, and religion.” — Rob McConnell, X-Zone Radio
  • “David always has tremendous insight into any topic he presents… and he makes it fun! — Peter Biadasz, President, Total Publishing & Media
  • “I loved interviewing you and having you as a guest. You are a natural and true Pro.” — Lillian Walker, Bottom Line Live 
  • “In Dr. Gruder’s presence you feel a spiritual teacher, not merely a scholar in his field.” — Mercedes Guzman, Radio Show Host
  • “An uber expert in integrity.” — Cheryl Snapp Conner, Forbes
  • “One of our modern masters.” — Cristina Smith, KGB Radio
  • “We need you back on our show!” — Scooter McGee, Radio Show Host, Denver, Colorado 
  • “If Dr. Gruder’s book on restoring integrity was out sooner, we might not have fallen into the economic quagmire we are currently trying to crawl out of.” — Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., PBS radio show host, syndicated columnist
  • “As a radio host I read thousands of self-help books, but I consider Dr. Gruder’s book on strategic self-development the only indispensable one, and I can’t recommend it enough…”  — Suzanna Axisa, radio host of Lanto’s Lantern
  • “Dr. Gruder’s splendid book on heart-smart technology, also called emotional intelligence, nurtures the analytical mind and emotional body, the individual and the collective.” — Bryan Flournoy, “Making It All Click” Visionary Series show host 

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