Reimagining Humanity’s Future and Yours

Get ready to reimagine the future of humanity and unlock your true potential!

Welcome to ‘Reimagining Humanity’s Future and Yours, ‘ hosted by Dr. David Gruder, an internationally renowned integrative psychologist, human potential expert, author, and social change catalyst, as he delves into the most urgent issues of our time.

With the world facing unprecedented challenges and social and political divides growing deeper, it’s time to take action. Each episode of this groundbreaking series will empower you with invaluable insights, strategies, and tools to heal these divisions and restore personal freedom and societal well-being.

Whether you’re a concerned citizen, a courageous leader, an influential figure, or an ambitious entrepreneur, ‘Reimagining Humanity’s Future and Yours, ‘ will guide you on a transformative journey. Discover your unique role in creating a brighter future for yourself and society at large.

The One Thing with David & Laurie

Ushering in Humanity’s Age of Homo Spiritus

Dancing with the One Thing that individuals, communities & countries have yet to try: Solutions start with Source.

TOT is “The One Thing.” People call TOT by various different names, such as God, Source, spirit, higher self, the “I AM Presence,” the wisdom of the universe, and so forth. Our prime directive above all else, is to make and constantly return to TOT connection, day in and day out, as our first step in dealing with life problems… rather than viewing life problems as things we can solve separately from TOT.

The TOT podcast from Laurie Morse and David Gruder covers a wide range of topics about elevating our individual and collective connection to the higher self part of our True Self Anatomy.

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BOOSTING Business Value

This podcast looks into the advisory ecosystem, exploring internal and external team structures. It is for owners, partners, and executives of lower middle market businesses as well as their most trusted advisors. Get all the answers right here for unexpected challenges and unsolved problems you encounter.

The Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up Podcast

You’ll Find Episodes Just For You If You’re…


  • Looking to reclaim or elevate your Thrill of Living and Optimal Wellbeing
  • Feeling like there’s got to be more to life than mere survival, but not quite sure what it looks like & how to live it
  • Tired of wasting time, energy & money using the “spaghetti against the wall” hit-and-miss way of selecting personal & professional self-development resources
  • Fed up with today’s societal divisiveness, political polarization, governance gridlock, & media mindjacking
  • Wanting to uplevel your effectiveness as a leader, changemaker, executive, entrepreneur, or helping pro

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Why Utilize Dr. Gruder?

Dr. David Gruder is a Board-Chair-Level Advisor and Next Step Catalyst for Changemakers, Leaders, Executives, Influencers, and Helping Professionals.

An Interdisciplinary Psychologist, Dr. Gruder was made for his mission: Integrating Self-Sovereignty, Ethical Profitability, and Societal Wellbeing… in Alignment With Timeless Universal Spiritual Principles.

He has founded for-profits and nonprofits and has sat on the boards of additional for profits and nonprofits. He has trained leaders worldwide… all the way up to World Trade Organization Ambassadors. In 1996, he pioneered an integrated self-development roadmap that received 2 awards, including Colliers Mental Health Book of the Year. In 2008, he authored a 6-award-winning integrated roadmap for restoring societal, business and personal integrity that later became an in-depth online training program. Along the way, his work has also garnered numerous personal awards, including in visionary leadership and culture creation, he was named America’s Integrity Expert, and he became a TEDx Speaker. In 2022, he co-authored a pair of bestselling companion books on how ethical businesses can become sustainably profitable market leaders despite today’s ongoing upheavals. (Those books are in the section above this one.)

What People Say About Dr. G

The world’s foremost leader on integrity

J Shoop, 52 Maxims for Living Your Life to the Max

I have the utmost of deep respect for Dr. Gruder as one of the world's top leaders. I am completely blown away every time by his valuable insights and all of his contributions to the world!

Nadene Joy, Chair of The Global Lead 2 Impact Summit & CEO of NJ Consulting

Dr. Gruder’s work is among the most transformative approaches to business that you will ever see - and he is providing it at a time of the greatest and most uplifting changes in human history

Dr. Mark Hewitt, Founder, NuGen Development & the Lydian Foundation

I have the utmost of deep respect for Dr. Gruder as one of the world's top leaders. I am completely blown away every time by his valuable insights and all of his contributions to the world!

Nadene Joy, Chair of The Global Lead 2 Impact Summit & CEO of NJ Consulting

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