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What is Entrepreneur Success Psychology (ESP)? And much more importantly, what’s in it for you and your venture for you to take advantage of ESP?

Before I describe the 5 main solutions I provide as an Entrepreneur Success Psychologist, I’m first going to describe the two biggest failure traps I’ve seen entrepreneurs and leaders make during my 40+ year professional career. I call these failure traps “shiny objects” and “shiny experts.”

What I mean by “shiny objects” is this: Just as love is blind, entrepreneurs can often become blind as well. I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs fall so deeply in love with the product or service they’re bringing to market that they believe it will be profitable solely on its own merits. Over the decades I’ve watched from afar as products and services that I believe deserved to become wildly successful ended up failing because the entrepreneurs believed what they were selling was so valuable that their success didn’t centrally depend on them having to strategically develop themselves as entrepreneurs and their team as effective collaborators.

What I mean by “shiny experts” (I misspoke this as “shiny objects” in the video — oops!) is that entrepreneurs often allow themselves to be seduced into engaging experts or technologies before their business is ready to maximally benefit from them.

Sometimes I’ve seen this happen because a resource provider is so good at manipulative selling that the entrepreneur doesn’t do due diligence before engaging them, or the entrepreneur allows him/herself to be talked into believing that they can’t live without what’s being sold. Far more often, though, entrepreneurs prematurely engage well-meaning experts or technologies because the salesperson genuinely doesn’t understand enough about business development sequencing to help the entrepreneur determine whether the resource they provide matches what the entrepreneur most needs right now. The bottom line is that I’ve watched, over and over again, entrepreneurs build businesses at the level of their self-development limitations despite their highest intentions. That’s where Entrepreneur Success Psychology comes in.

ESP enables you to achieve your highest intentions because your level of self-development as an entrepreneur enables you to walk your talk. ESP focuses on the key psychological ingredients that help to make you part of the 10% of entrepreneurs who succeed instead of the 90% who implode. Those ingredients revolve around your “why,” your “what,” your “who” and your “how.” Entrepreneur-Life Integration is connected with your “why.” Viability Vetting & Master Planning is connected with your “what.” Entrepreneur Strategic Self-Development is connected with your “who.” And Culture Architecture and Compellingness Crafting are connected with your “how.” I’ll next briefly describe each of these areas, along with what I provide as an Entrepreneur Success Psychologist.

Entrepreneur-Life Integration

I help you crystallize your personal vision, mission, values, and ultimate life goals into your own customized frame of reference that helps you select YOUR best business, right-size it, and pace its development so you don’t sacrifice your life purpose, integrity, wellbeing, cherished relationships or social responsibility on the way to success.

Venture Viability Vetting & Master Planning: “T-MacroMentoring™”

I help you make sure that:

  • Your business idea has sufficient profit potential to help you reach your life goals, and that it’s sufficiently aligned with your life purpose to keep you committed to its success during the tough times
  • You’re clear about who this business will need you to become for it to succeed, and that’s you’re willing to develop in those ways
  • You’ll be able to successfully build your business without sacrificing your integrity, cherished relationships, or life balance commitments

I then help you create a master plan for sequencing your venture’s development, and identifies which the right advisors, implementers and funders, and the right time to onboard them for specific scopes of work. And I help you stay on track in implementing and evolving your plan.

If you might be interested in this kind of mentoring, click here for more details (opens new window).

Entrepreneur Strategic Self-Development

Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful self-development paths ever created. When we step into entrepreneurship there are almost always big gaps between who we currently are and who our business needs us to become for it to succeed. I help you accurately identify and efficiently fill your unique entrepreneur self-development gaps.

Culture Architecture

If you’re dedicated to building a high-performance company culture that’s high accountability, high collaboration, and high happiness — and that reflects your core values — I help you build that culture by assisting you in creating accountability-capable engagement agreements with culture-matched advisors and implementers, developing procedures to onboard them in culture-aligned ways, and ensuring that collaborative procedures are constantly used to upgrade best practices, repair implementation breakdowns, and conduct authentically meaningful performance reviews.

Compellingness Crafting™

Ethically effective messaging helps the right people say yes and the wrong people say no. This saves everyone an awful lot of grief, not to mention wasted energy and time. I help you make your messaging irresistibly compelling, but only to the right people — on your website & in your printed material, in your speaking engagements & media appearances, in your sales conversations, in your communications with your own team, and with your prospective and active investors. Combining Compellingness Crafting with great Strategic Self-Development and Culture Architecture helps you create employee and customer loyalty, which in turn helps you establish and maintain a deservedly stellar reputation.

Watch Dr. Gruder’s video introduction to Entrepreneur Success Psychology below. Scroll beneath it to view ways of engaging him, and to schedule an Engagement Exploration meeting.

Dr Gruder’s Services for Entrepreneurs Include

  • As-Needed Consultations (15 minutes to full days)
  • Ongoing Mentoring (monthly retainer, 6 months minimum)
  • Team Building or Conflict Resolution Facilitation (half-day to full day)
  • Compellingness Crafting™ (internal or external messaging, copywriting, sales scripts, presentation skills, speech writing, book co-authoring, curriculum/training program development, etc.)
  • Scalable Virtual Officer (including Chief Integrity Officer, Chief Culture Officer, Chief Learning Officer, Chief Advancement Officer, Chief Communication Officer, or variations/combinations thereof)
  • Board Positions (compensated)

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