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No leader wants to become the next one who loses the support of his/her followers, let alone who implodes in a ball of scandal. Yet, that’s exactly what leaders are risking… unless they have a mentor who holds them to high standards of integrity, collaboration intelligence, and leadership effectiveness. Dr. Gruder helps to ensure that your leadership strategies, accountability mechanisms, problem-solving methods and staff development processes fully align with and support your mission, core values, and goals. A trusted advisor and eight-book award winner (including in the categories of “Conscious Business & Leadership,”  “Social Change” and “Current Events in Politics & Society”), he mentors you by combining his three decades of experience as a clinical and organizational development psychologist with his expertise in leadership intelligence, collaboration intelligence, integrity intelligence, and wellbeing intelligence.

Leaders who are mentored by Dr. Gruder gain unprecedented depths of access into psychology’s invaluable tools for upgrading the following key leadership qualities:


How effectively you take responsibility for the impact your choices about how you spend your life energy have on those to whom you’ve made commitments in your work and your personal life, so you inspire those you lead to do the same


How effectively you handle integrity dilemmas and challenges so you elevate your leadership sustainability instead of paying the high cost of the cost of repressing or ignoring these issues

Collaboration Facilitation

Collaboration a far better negotiating and problem-solving strategy than coercion or compromise; how effective you are at facilitating collaboration will determine the effectiveness and sustainability of your leadership

Culture Creation

All groups form a collective culture; your destiny as a leader will be determined by how healthy a culture you succeed at developing

Purpose Alignment

How thoroughly & consistently aligned all of the above dimensions are with your vision, mission, core values, guiding principles, and goals, will determine how sustainably devoted the people your lead will be to your cause in general and to you in specific, and how effective they will be with strategy development, tactical implementation, trouble-shooting, and problem-solving

Five Reasons to Select Dr. Gruder as Your Leadership MacroMentor™

  1. You get a deeply seasoned leadership mentor, skills trainer, and organizational development consultant: Dr. Gruder has filled a variety of mentoring, training and consulting roles for thousands of people and scores of organizations since the late 1970s, including providing training to the World President’s Organization®, Vistage®, and a group of World Trade Association Ambassadors. Currently serving as Special Counsel to CEO Space® International’s Chairman & Board, his responsibilities include upgrading leadership effectiveness and implementing Culture Development Architecture™ upgrades throughout all levels of this entrepreneur development organization, which is among the world’s oldest and largest.
  2. You get someone who has successfully filled many leadership roles throughout his career: Dr. Gruder founded two businesses and an international nonprofit, in addition to being an elder leader in another international profit, and having filled numerous leadership roles in academic institutions.
  3. You get someone who is as good at big-picture thinking as small detail implementation: Dr. Gruder has a rare blend of being a visionary thought leader while simultaneously being able to identify the smallest details that need to be attended to in converting vision into action and action into success.
  4. You are mentored by an expert in Integrity Management & Collaboration Culture Architecture™: Dr. Gruder is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts in converting integrity from a cherished value into specific collaboration skills and processes that make integrity profitable, including selecting the most integrious resources, developing accountability-capable agreements, facilitating high performance collaboration, and implementing effective accountability mechanisms. [If you already have a MacroMentor™ but that person’s expertise doesn’t include Integrity Management & Collaboration Culture Architecture™, he is happy to explore with you and your MacroMentor™ the potential benefits of adding him to your team in this more limited capacity.]
  5. You get a Business Development Psychologist: Far too often, leaders lead at the level of their psychological limitations instead of their higher vision. Dr. Gruder founded the field of Venture Development Psychology, which studies the psychological factors related to business success and converts those factors into practical skills and mechanics that enable leaders to become who their venture needs them to be in order for it to succeed. He does this by blending his decades of experience as a clinical psychologist who helps people remove their success blocks and develop emotional intelligence, collaboration intelligence and wellbeing intelligence, with his decades of experience as an organizational development psychologist who helps leaders and teams function at peak effectiveness on behalf of the business.

Dr Gruder’s Services for Ascending &
Advanced Thought Leaders Includes

As-Needed Consultations (30 minutes to full days)

Ongoing Mentoring (monthly retainer, 6 months minimum)

Compellingness Crafting™ (internal or external messaging, copywriting, sales scripts, presentation skills, speech writing, curriculum/content/training program development, etc.)

Co-Delivering Training Programs

Board Positions (compensated)

Dr. Gruder’s Availability Includes: Remotely (by phone or video calls/meetings) or Onsite (worldwide for time-limited engagements)

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