Keynotes, training, consulting & mentoring that make happiness sustainable, collaboration productive, integrity profitable, & society healthy. Dr. Gruder’s integrative mind, huge heart, unquenchable passion, broad talents, deep integrity, & naked authenticity, equip you to succeed like never before… as a leader, executive, entrepreneur, influencer, helping professional, or self-developer. 

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Across the 48 years since developing his first training program in 1972, Dr. David Gruder (President of Integrity Culture Systems™) has created programs on 100+ topics, has architected certification & train-the-trainer programs, and has delivered keynotes & training programs in 7 countries on 3 continents. His specialty is transforming your values into skills & procedures so you & those you lead can succeed by walking your talk.


The recipient of book awards in unusually diverse areas (politics, social change, business, leadership, health & wellness, mental health, psychology, and self-help), — and personal awards in leadership, visionary leadership, and culture architecture — Radio-TV Interview Reports dubbed him America’s Integrity Expert in 2008. He has provided many hundreds of media interviews and has been featured in 24 books. Why all the awards and exposure? Because Dr. Gruder excels at making complex concepts practical, turning high intentions into reliable results, and drawing out the best in those he works with.

These Resources Are For You If You Are…

    • Passionate about prosperously maximizing your positive influence in the world by Making Integrity Profitable™, Elevating Your Leadership, or Self-Development That Serves Us All™
    • Committed to becoming who you’ll need to be for your business, enterprise, or cause — and your life — to succeed
    • Devoted to thrival, not merely survival, and to succeeding without sacrificing your values, integrity, health, wellbeing, or cherished relationships
    • Seeking to be more fully authentic as a person, enjoy more deeply connected & collaborative relationships with others, & have more positive impact on the world around you
    • Wanting to do all this in ways that express your sense of spirituality

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What People Say About Dr. Gruder

Ken Blanchard

“Leaders need an integrity check-up and Dr. Gruder is just the man to do it. His simple yet powerful integrity model provides a much-needed shot in the arm.”

— Ken Blanchard, Chief Spiritual Officer, The Ken Blanchard Companies; Co-author of The One Minute Manager & Leading at a Higher Level

Amonda Rose Igoe

“David Gruder is literally a GENIUS in mental performance and business strategy. No matter what I need help with, from clarifying my message to creating a clear of plan of action, he quickly and easily gives me the perfect steps to implement. And he does it in a way that leaves me inspired, confident and ready to take action.”

— Amonda Rose Igoe, 6-Figure Speaking Success Strategist

Ron Schmidtling

“His concepts are life-changing, his soul is a peaceful oasis, and he sings good too!”

— Ron Schmidtling, Scientific Consultant, J. Paul Getty Trust

Dr. Felix Liao

“David Gruder is simply a business decathlete and sales genius with a PhD in psychology, like a superman in a cape. Engaging Dr. David Gruder has been the best move I’ve ever made in my career. I have been astounded by his scope of expertise, depth of brilliance, and his unique ability to see the gap between Success and where I was. Dr. David has taken me from an aspiring author to a published who is sailing toward the second career of my dreams with Success baked in. Along the way, he has exceeded all of his promises, and generously taught me what Success requires of me. Dr. Gruder is also brilliant in applying the psychology of sales to guide your prospects toward your shopping cart. He even knows what a book cover must deliver for the author. You know Dr. David is a rare find because I enjoy paying him out of gratitude!”

—Dr. Felix Liao, DDS,Father of WholeHealth Dentistry

BJ Dohrmann

“The BEST of the BEST for setting up integrity sequences, systems, and teams, in any size venture.Hiring Dr. Gruder assures your SEQUENCE to effortless abundance is secured!” — the late BJ Dohrmann, Founder, CEO Space International

— the late BJ Dohrmann, Founder, CEO Space International

Christopher A. Dailey

“An amazing value creator, continually and positively altering the pages of history forever!”

— Christopher A. Dailey, Iron Grip Creations

Constance Wells

“David Gruder lives what he teaches, exudes warmth and sincerity to everyone he touches, and leads with passion and integrity. In short, he is a gift to this world.”

— Constance Wells, Former Disney VP

Mark S. A. Smith

“A master at illuminating your blind spots and at equipping you to turn them into gold.”

— Mark S. A. Smith, Managing Partner, NimbilityWorks™

Philip Auerbach

“Thank you for being a light unto the nations through your work.”

— Philip Auerbach, CEO, Auerbach International; Social Communication Specialist

Dee Dee Niedzwiecki

“Not only is Dr. Gruder interesting, but also quite profound. I particularly enjoyed his sense of humor and he was very down to earth and easy to talk to.”

— Dee Dee Niedzwiecki, CEO, LuxePac | Chairman, Unabuseable

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