Dr. Gruder speakingAcross the 43 years since developing his first training program in 1972, he has created programs on over 100 topics, has architected certification and train-the-trainer programs, and has delivered keynotes & training programs in seven countries on three continents. His specialty is transforming an enterprise’s values into skills and procedures that enable you and your people to make those values profitable.

His books have won awards in the unusually diverse areas of politics, social change, business, leadership, health & wellness, mental health, psychology, and self-help. Radio & Television Reports dubbed him America’s Integrity Expert in 2008, and in addition to having provided many hundreds of media interviews, he has been featured in Forbes 15 times and counting. That’s because he makes complex concepts practical.

During the 35 years since he became an entrepreneur, he founded two successful for-profit ventures and one successful international nonprofit, has served on a number of for-profit and nonprofit boards, and has been Co-Head of Faculty for one of the world’s largest and oldest entrepreneur development organizations. Not only has he held numerous leadership roles since 1971; in 2002 he became the first recipient of a leadership award that was named after him.

Who is he? Dr. David Gruder: the clinical & organizational development psychologist whose expertise is sought by a broader range of individuals and organizations than probably any psychologist you’ve ever run across; from leaders in governance, business, healthcare, education, and nonprofits, to providers of personal, relationship, financial, and executive development services. In fact, a book publisher wrote that Dr. Gruder could “one day be viewed as the Sigmund Freud of the 21st century.” Yet, despite his breadth of experience, accolades and requests, you won’t find a speaker, trainer, or trusted advisor who is more joyful, approachable, humble, collaborative, and teachable, than Dr. Gruder.

With this in mind, consider the upgrades you would be wise to make to fully become the leader your venture needs you to be for it to succeed. And consider the productivity & collaboration procedures your people most need for your venture to reach its full potential.

If you see how you could benefit from engaging a business and leader peak performance psychologist with a range of expertise and experience that’s as surprisingly broad as Dr. David Gruder’s, you owe it to yourself to find out what he can do for you and your enterprise.

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Psychologist Dr. David Gruder, PhD, is a thought leader, integrity expert, Culture Architect™, MacroMentor™, speaker, trainer, media guest, and 8-award-winning author.

Dr. Gruder helps you quickly improve your net income, stop profit leakages and increase the equity value of your enterprise.

Dr. Gruder is a specialist in the psychological skills necessary for individual success, team collaboration, positive culture change, and sustainable business profitability. Additionally, he masterfully helps you create clarity about which practical, tactical, tangible action steps to take, and the best sequence to take them to speed and ease your success.

Throughout his three-decade-plus leadership career, he has provided keynotes, training programs, consulting, and mentoring worldwide on emotional intelligence (EQ), collaboration intelligence (CQ), spiritual intelligence (SQ) and integrity intelligence (MQ – moral intelligence). He has done this with businesses, helping professionals, educational institutions, nonprofits, politicians, and World Trade Organization Ambassadors.

An entrepreneur himself, Dr. Gruder is founder of Integrity Revolution, LLC, and Special Counsel to the Chairman & Board of CEO Space International, a business development organization helping members create sustainable profitability through integrity, collaboration, and social responsibility. He is an Elder with the ManKind Project International a nonprofit of men supporting each other in stepping into integrity with their life mission and making a positive difference in the world. And he was co-founder and first president of the international Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, an organization of helping professionals who are bringing to the world some of the most effective innovations in relieving suffering and enhancing peak functioning that have emerged since Sigmund Freud.

A multi-faceted talent, Dr. Gruder’s broad range of experiences enrich the benefits he brings to audiences, organizations and leaders:

  • A business leader & consultant
  • A nonprofit founder
  • A keynote speaker & trainer
  • A psychotherapist & supervisor of psychotherapists
  • An integrity specialist hailed by the media and business people as “America’s Integrity Expert”
  • A graduate school professor
  • An event producer
  • A journalist, editor, and multi-award-winning author in a broad range of categories
  • A musician

His third major print book, “Conversations With the King: Journals of a Young Apprentice,” co-authored with Elvis Presley’s stepbrother David Stanley, is scheduled for release as a major motion picture in late 2013. His prior book, “The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships & Our World,” won six book awards, in current events in politics & society, social change, conscious business & leadership, health & wellness, transformational psychology, and self-help. His first major print book, “Sensible Self-Help: The First Road Map for the Healing Journey,” won the Colliers 1997 Mental Health Book of the Year award, and another book award in the category of health & wellness. Dr. Gruder has also written well over a dozen ebooks and workbooks. The working title for his next major book is “The Hijacking of Happiness & How to Reclaim Yours.”

Dr. Gruder lives in San Diego, California with his wife Laurie, their cat Sasha, and is surrounded by a close-knit network he developed since moving there from New York in 1975.

If creating business or nonprofit success without sacrificing personal integrity, social responsibility, or life balance, you owe it to yourself to find out how Dr. Gruder can assist you and your team in getting there.

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