PsychPreneur™ & HealthPreneur Success Resources

Are you a helping professional who is done being under-paid, over-worked & burned out, just for the privilege of helping people and creating a better world?

If so, becoming a HealthPreneur or PsychPreneur™ might provide you with the next chapter of your professional life that you’ve been looking for! To find out, rate each of these on a 0-10 point scale by entering your number beneath each of these items:[ninja_forms id=5]

The closer to 50 your total score is, the more likely it is that becoming a becoming a HealthPreneur or PsychPreneur™ could be your key to achieving the shifts you seek. A HealthPreneur is a healthcare professional who has traded in feeling frustrated, overworked and trapped in surviving for strategically thriving as an integrious healthcare entrepreneur. A PsychPreneur™ is a mental health professional who has traded in feeling frustrated, overworked and trapped in surviving for strategically thriving as an integrious mental health entrepreneur.

Dr. Gruder is the 12-award-winning clinical and business development psychologist who is a Legacy Faculty for one of the world’s oldest and largest entrepreneurial development organizations, CEO Space International, and Special Counsel to its founder. Since 2010 he has been bringing the best of psychology to entrepreneurs. Now, in a profound time of need for the mental health and integrative medicine fields — as today’s upheavals strain our old model of serving clients/patients — he is bringing the best of entrepreneurship to helping professionals, so you can successfully pivot your practice to the New Normal. Dr. Gruder developed his proprietary time-tested step-by-step PsychPreneur™ & HealthPreneur system to help his fellow mental health and integrative medicine professionals successfully and ethically make the jump from being a time slave to having broader impact by providing extraordinary value in highly monetized ways.

Is now the time for you to lay the foundation to make better money in integrious ways that align with your life mission and maximize your positive impact in the world, by providing consumers with expertise of yours that you’re passionate about making available as broadly as feasible? Would you like to find out if there’s a right match between the mentoring you seek to accomplish this, and Dr. Gruder’s fully customizable proprietary PsychPreneur™ roadmap, strategies, skills and mentoring, along with access to the software that can help you succeed?

Dr Gruder’s Services for Professionals Includes

  As-Needed Consultations (25 minutes to 2 hours)

  Master Planning Intensives (day-long, comprising the afternoon of the first day and the morning of the second day, so you have time to chew on and sleep on what comes up for you during the afternoon portion)

  Full PsychPreneur “T-MacroMentoring™” (monthly retainer, 6 months minimum) — click the button immediately below to discover what “T-MacroMentoring”is all about!


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