Some speakers inspire. Lasting change requires more than inspiration.

Some inspiring speakers are visionaries. Few visionaries hold the keys to implementation.

Only a handful of these possess the training talent to translate vision and implementation strategies into easily learnable skills. Even fewer possess the experience and wisdom to ensure that these become sustainably embedded your people’s actions, day in and day out.

Dr. Gruder is a needle in the haystack of speakers, trainers and trusted advisors.

  • He’s not going to bring the house down by hypnotizing your people into getting “stoned” on a temporary motivational high. His inspiration will instead motivate your people into doing what they’ll need to do to become part of the solution.
  • He’s not going to frustrate your people by getting them hopeful about a better way without showing how they can bring it about. His solutions will create optimism in your people that creating solutions is within the realm of what they can accomplish.
  • He will build sustainable motivation in your people by: a) illuminating the sources of their frustration; b) offering a higher vision that motivates them to go beyond what they believed possible; c) providing a road map for getting there; and d) showing them the practical psychologically savvy steps they’ll need to succeed.
  • He will help you, your executive team, your management team, and your front line personnel, build the “people skills” foundation that is necessary for magnificent sustainable individual, team and business success.
  • He will show you and your people how to maximize productivity and profits without sacrificing personal integrity, life balance or social responsibility to get there (yes, this can be done!).

If you’re tired of wasting money on “fluffy bunny” speakers who temporarily seduce your people into feeling moved for a few moments, or optimistic for a few hours, Dr. Gruder may well be who you’re looking for.

If you’re tired of wasting money on trainers who are ineffective because they focus on training your people in surface techniques instead of the foundational “people intelligences” they need to make the changes that will make a lasting difference in productivity, profitability and loyalty, Dr. Gruder is likely who you’ve been looking for.

If you’ve realized that it’s essential to install agreement structures and accountability mechanisms that maximize your people’s sustainable implementation of the training they receive, Dr. Gruder is almost surely who you’ve been looking for.

Don’t you owe it to your organization or business to find out if Dr. Gruder is indeed the anti-fluffy-bunny you’ve been searching for?

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