Constance Wells

“David Gruder lives what he teaches, exudes warmth and sincerity to everyone he touches, and leads with passion and integrity. In short, he is a gift to this world.” — Constance Wells, Former Disney VP

Dee Dee Niedzwiecki

“Not only is Dr. Gruder interesting, but also quite profound. I particularly enjoyed his sense of humor and he was very down to earth and easy to talk to.” — Dee Dee Niedzwiecki, CEO, LuxePac | Chairman, Unabuseable

Bruce Wright

“Dr. Gruder is a constant source of profound insight and wisdom that transcends every form of bias, including politics.” — Bruce Wright, Macro-Strategic Planning Inventor

Jan Darwin Hutchins

“His light illuminates darkened paths, his gaze lifts broken spirits, his touch can heal, and already his life has changed the course of history.” — Jan Darwin Hutchins, former Mayor