I was asked why, as a Political Integrity Analyst, I consider myself to be politically nonpartisan on the one hand but not a political middle-of-the-roader on the other hand.

Here is why I am nonpartisan:

  • Lack of integrity has infiltrated all levels of society. It is truly a pandemic in that integrity deficits cross all political, economic, ethnic, religious, national and other boundaries.
  • My focus is on helping to restore integrity to all segments of society and among all political and ideological orientations. It is not about advocating one political party, orientation or ideology over another, but rather on helping our society emerge from the Age of Spin into the Era of Integrity.
  • I passionately reject the idea that lack of integrity is limited to one political perspective, party or side of an issue. I passionately embrace the notion that there are many individuals of intensely good will, good intention, immense intelligence and significant wisdom aligned with each political perspective, party and sides of issues.
  • I passionately embrace the founding political vision of the United States, which is that individual freedom and the common good are equal in importance and that in order for our nation to function properly, our laws and policies must live at the intersection of both.

Because this is my perspective it is simply not possible for me to be politically partisan and remain in integrity with my principles.

Here is why I am not a political centrist despite being nonpartisan:

I passionately reject the notion that one political perspective or party, or one side on any issue, is capable of grasping the whole picture. Most of us tend toward becoming far too attached to our own point of view and personal wants to remain open-eyed about a bigger, more complete picture. I also accept that because most of us tend toward becoming self-absorbed with our views and wants, this is precisely why we need one another in order to function effectively as a society.

Because of this, I passionately embrace the vision that the whole picture concerning any issue only emerges when we combine the information and wisdom you have with the information and wisdom that I have, to reveal an understanding that is broader and wiser than either of us can see on our own.

This is why I passionately reject compromise as a preferred negotiation strategy. The best possible outcome that compromise offers is a bland middle ground in which all parties walk away from the negotiating table feeling equally ripped off.

I instead passionately advocate synergy as a superior strategy to compromise.

For all of these reasons, I am not a centrist. Centrists try to find the middle way between two extremes. I am not interested in the midpoint between two extremist positions. I am interested in combining information and wisdom from all perspectives in order to reveal a completely new picture that transcends the center.

To illustrate what I am saying, first think about a horizontal line with two end points and a midpoint:

This midpoint represents centrism.

Now, think about this horizontal line being the base of a triangle:

The apex of the triangle represents synergy. Synergy is the process of combining perspectives to discover something far wiser and more useful than the bland mid-point of compromise between two extreme and inherently incomplete perspectives.

My job as an Integrity Educator in general, and as a Political & Business Integrity Analyst in specific, is to help people learn how to:

  1. Discover the wisdom that each seemingly opposing perspective contains
  2. Separate these pieces of wisdom from the spin in which they are cloaked far too much of the time
  3. Combine those seemly contradictory pieces of wisdom in order to co-discover the larger picture they create when combined, because his larger picture is where the solutions to all of our personal, relationship, community, societal, economic, ideological, national, and international problems live.

All of this is why I am non-partisan and yet not a centrist. For me to be any other way would be for me to be out of integrity with my mission.

My bias is that we need a new generation of leaders who insist on leading from this perspective AND a whole new generation of citizens who insist that leaders lead in this way.

My mission is to assist this new generation of leaders and citizens in developing these crucial society-saving skills.

Please contact me if I can be of service by going to www.TheNewIQ.com/contact