On Monday, following some extremely embarrassing made by a speaker at an event for John McCain, his Communications Director, Jill Hazelbaker, released the following statement:

“Today, a speaker at our event made a highly inappropriate statement about Senator Obama. In response, Senator McCain immediately denounced the remarks and apologized to Senator Obama. In contrast, Howard Dean and the Democratic National Committee leadership have launched a personal and negative assault on Senator McCain’s character. Howard Dean himself questioned Senator McCain’s integrity, and a DNC official called McCain a liar. We agree with the Obama campaign’s statement today that this debate should be respectful and focused on issues, and it would be encouraging to see Senator Obama denounce the character attacks coming from the leadership of his Party.”

So goes the latest skirmish in the ongoing war against integrity that has our culture and our political system in its grips. As I mentioned in a previous post, Voice of America recently reported that integrity has become so central an issue today that U.S. presidential candidates are now using commercial marketing tactics to ‘package’ candidate integrity to the public.It has become clear that integrity is indeed one of the deciding factors in this year’s presidential elections.

It is therefore more important than ever for the media to provide the public with Integrity Education resources so voters can upgrade their Integrity Intelligence. One such resource is my just-released book, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World.

TheNewIQ.com website also contains a free tool for assessing the political integrity of the major presidential candidates called the Politician Integrity Rating Tool. This resource educates people about ten key aspects of politician integrity.

Together we can spark an integrity revolution that will help end the "War Against Integrity."