In honor of International Corporate Philanthropy Day on February 27th, Roberto Candelaria (Sponsorship Expert), Robert Caruso (CEO & Founder, BundlePost), Barry Spilchuk (Co-Author, A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul), and I (Dr. David Gruder, America’s Integrity Expert), want to give way 200 copies of our new program, "The Sponsorship Roadmap", but we need your help!

We have literally put the step-by-step roadmap to sponsorship success into this program, so anyone can succeed! We are asking for your help in putting this important program into the hands of as many non-profit organizations as possible so they can begin to tap into the billions of dollars of sponsorship monies that are available every year (an estimated $29 billion a year in the US alone)!

This is your chance to step-up and make a real difference to the non-profits receiving this program. I invite you to work with me to make a difference in our communities. Can I count on you?

Learn how you can gift a non-profit with this important program at

We have set aside 200 copies of the Sponsorship Roadmap available to be gifted until February 29th, so don’t sit on this message! Click here to do your part to help a non-profit. I know it may not seem like much right now, but your small act today will create a tidal wave of impact down the road. If you’re like me, you’ll sleep better tonight knowing you have made a difference.

Thanks so much,
David Gruder