As the next US Presidential election approaches I would like to offer a different framework for deciding who to vote for. One that’s based less on political ideology and more on consciousness and right relationship with power.

"Power makes emperors and kings look like fools." (From the forthcoming movie remake of The Lone Ranger.)

I recommend that you vote for whichever national, state and local candidates you believe:

  1. Have the most emotional maturity to not become fools because of their power
  2. Are least likely to be co-opted by the powers-that-be on either side of the political aisle
  3. Have the strongest combination of critical thinking skills and collaboration skills
  4. Are most strongly dedicated to becoming the change they (and you!) want to see in the world

Want to help change the consciousness of society? One of the ways I believe we all can make a difference is through changing the consciousness we use to decide who to vote for… and then encouraging others to do this too!