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16 October 2012 live (or watch afterward)
Involuntary Simplicity:
Spontaneous Evolution From the Inside Out
12pm Los Angeles || 3pm New York || 8pm London || 9pm Paris
This Episode’s Title: Integrity Made Simple
Ready to Create the Life You Want AND the World We Need?
David Gruder, PhD, author of The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships, and Our World, and co-author of the new smash hit (soon to become a major motion picture!), Conversations With the King, will outline some simple guidelines for living in integrity in an evolving world.
We live in an age in which lack of personal, relationship, collective and leadership integrity is pervasive. Without upgrading our integrity intelligence it will remain impossible to successfully address the many challenges we face personally and in our relationships, families, communities, places of worship, businesses, governments and among countries.
There are 5 foundational formulas for creating the life you want and the world we need. Do you know what they are? Are the formulas you’re using helping you create the life you want and the world we need? Or are you being hijacked without knowing it, by the false substitutes that are relentlessly pitched to all of us day after day? Are you ready to discover how to create sustainable happiness, health and prosperity without sacrificing your personal integrity or social responsibility?
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