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Never in my 62+ years have I done as detailed in-depth soul searching and scenario projections as I have during this Presidential election. I appear to not be alone. There has been a 233% increase in the number of people doing Google searches on “how to vote,” compared to the 2012 election.
A Pew Research Center report released this past June concluded that “Republicans and Democrats now have more negative views of the opposing party than at any point in nearly a quarter century.” I’ll best that’s only grown more negative since then.


conflict_free_reuseThat report also revealed that approximately half of Republicans see Democrats as more closed minded, immoral, lazy, and dishonest than other Americans, and that well over two-thirds of Democrats see Republicans as more closed minded, dishonest, immoral, and unintelligent.

It should therefore be no surprise that the Wall Street Journal has stated that voters are seething with frustration over the state of American politics.
My analyses have not primarily focused on Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton themselves, because the vast majority of us already seem to know that both candidates (and their Vice Presidential running-mates) are profoundly flawed in their own different ways. Rather, my contemplations have mainly revolved around wanting to identify the most effective strategies and tactics to reverse the intensely dysfunctional governance and social discord that are clearly tearing apart our society.
David GruderThe result is that I am now convinced deep in my bones that our society’s survival requires the fastest route to radically reset our notions of… wait for it… power.
This clarity led me into exploring the following question as best I know how during this election cycle: “Which flawed candidate’s election might best bring the heat of dysfunctional power high enough to help us pivot toward healthy power (whether despite them or because of them)… but without the heat getting so high that its flames annihilate what’s good instead of what’s bad?”
I have arrived at my own “upward gaze” answer to that question. I encourage you to find yours and to vote in alignment with it. Doing this won’t be easy. It will require you to rise above political ideology, the candidates themselves, and the issues that we have been propagandized to believe are the ones upon which we need to base our vote.
Am I asking too much? The American public has for far too long been treated as though we’re too dumb to deal with deeper issues. And it sure does look to me right now that far too many citizens have lowered themselves to match those demeaning expectations. 
Yet, we aconflict_resolution_in_human_evolutions a country have over and over shown an uncanny ability to elevate ourselves during our darkest hours. I believe the time has come for us to do just that. With our relationship with power. I know of no other issue at this time in history that is more central to restoring our wellbeing as a society than this one.
Regardless of who becomes our next President, a large portion of the American public — Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, and Independents — are going to be suffering from “Post Traumatic Election Stress Disorder.” This will be further magnified if our government remains in a state of partisan governing gridlock, as seems most likely.
Because of this, I submit to you that revisioning and upleveling our relationship with power needs to become our society’s top priority during the next four years. Unless we do this, 
I am quite certain that we will remain in ideologically paralyzed over what to do about the economy, Supreme Court nominations, the “isms” (sexism, racism, religionism, etc.), tax reform, immigration, and so forth.
Here are some key aspects of “Power Intelligence” that I believe our society desperately needs to come to clarity about:
  • How to recognize healthy power in ourselves, and especially also in those whose orientation is different from ours
  • How to identify ineffective and incompetent power in ourselves, and in those whose orientation is similar to or different from ours
  • How to halt unethical and dangerous power in ourselves, and especially also in those whose orientation is similar to ours
  • How each of us can effectively elevate our relationship with power, including…
    • Developing a spirit-connected, love-based, wise, and effective relationship with our own personal power as individuals and as citizens
    • Ending the power over our thinking that we surrender to the media, the internet, and special interests, and revising the power we require them to exert in our society
    • Becoming more psychologically savvy about the qualities we evaluate in selecting people into positions of power in government, in business, and in other organizations with which we are connected
There’s a saying, “mostly people change not because they see the light but because they feel the heat.” The most prevalent tactic these days of building and exerting power, through spreading lies that fuel divisiveness, must stop. It is time for all of us to join together, as a united voice of different people, to insist on that.
gruder logoBeginning an Age of Healthy Ethical Power has become so important to me that I have chosen to shift my professional focus to forwarding clear principles, frameworks, and protocols for resetting our notions of, relationship to, and ability to embdy, healthy power. I will therefore soon start unveiling the IntegriPower™ programs I’ve felt called to bring forth to help us shift from power incompetency and abuse to Ethical Power Intelligence™.
I will also be inviting your commitment to join me in elevating your own relationship with power, and for your help in spreading the word about ways we can wisely reset our “Power Intelligence,” as individuals, organizations, communities, businesses, religious institutions, citizens, governments, and collectively as stewards of our planet.
Stay tuned. I will be unveiling more details soon.
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