Keynote Topics

Over the past 40 years Dr. Gruder has spoken and trained on well over 100 topics, with a very wide variety of audiences. His current primary topics are listed immediately below. These are followed by specific keynote titles for a variety of audiences. Those are followed by topic descriptions.

The Hijacking of…

¤ Happiness
¤ Health
¤ Productivity
¤ Prosperity
¤ Problem-Solving
¤ Society
¤ Integrity

… & How to Reclaim Yours


Psychological Savvy for Successful Living

¤ Aligning Life Mission, Job Role & Business True Value

¤ Six Keys to Successful Collaboration

¤ Right Use of Personal Power & Boundaries

¤ The Psychology of Prosperity

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Keynotes for Business & Governance: Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Teams

Turbocharging accountability, collaboration, effectiveness, productivity, loyalty and integrity.

  1. The Hijacking of Happiness, How It Killed Positive Business Sentiment & How to Restore It
  2. A Loyalty-Creating Way Your Organization Can Eradicate Entitlement, Laziness & Pilfering
  3. The Seven Stages of Psychologically Savvy Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship
  4. Turbo-Charge Your Effectiveness at Work Using the Five Forms of Personal Power
  5. Maximize Staff Happiness & Corporate Profits by Elevating Your Work Culture Quality
  6. The Five Keys to Collaboration-Building Agreements & Culture-Building Accountability


Keynotes for University Speaker Series, Student Leaders, Commencement Addresses

Keys to upgrading critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, personal integrity and citizenship.

  1. The Hijacking of Happiness & How to Keep Your Thrill of Living For Your Whole Life
  2. The Seven Secrets to Happiness, Love, Leadership & Success
  3. The Entitlement Epidemic: How It Started, Why It’s Damaging Society, How to End It
  4. Turbo-Charge Your Happiness, Success & Leadership by Mastering the Five Forms of Personal Power
  5. What You’ve Not Been Told About Money & How to Take Charge of Yours
  6. How to Game the System to Help It Work Better Instead of Merely Getting Around It


Keynotes for Faith-Based & Social Change Nonprofits

Maximize success without sacrificing spiritual beliefs, personal integrity or social responsibility.

  1. The Hijacking of Happiness & How to Restore Your Thrill of Living™
  2. The Five Keys to Collaborative Accountability: Integrity in Action
  3. Maximize Your Organization’s Mission by Elevating Its Culture Quality
  4. Facilitating Positive Change Through Your Five Forms of Personal Power
  5. The Five Keys to Collaboration-Building Agreements & Culture-Building Accountability


Keynotes for Mental Health Professionals & Life Coaches

21st Century change methods and facilitation skills to keep your Thrill of Helping™ high … and sharpen your entrepreneurship skills to financially flourish independent of managed care.

  1. Freeing Your Clients From Our Culture’s Hijacking of Happiness, and the Entitlement Disorder & Learned Helplessness It Has Spawned
  2. Energy Psychology: The 21st Century Psychotherapeutic Breakthrough That Can Supercharge Your Practice
  3. Helping Clients Access the Helpful Sides of Their Five Archetypes of Personal Power
  4. Conquering Anger Mountain™: Beyond Anger Management to Boundaries Intelligence


Topic Descriptions Related to the Above Keynote Titles

Dr. Gruder re-purposes and customizes his core curriculum for virtually any audience, need and event length. This page and the next contain brief descriptions of each of what these general topic areas include:

  • Hijacking Topics: The fascinating and eye-opening story of how we lost our compass as individuals and as a society when the sustainable happiness formula embedded into the Constitution’s American Dream was replaced by a faulty happiness formula that was the 1950s version of the American Dream. Includes what led to this, what the ingredients of the faulty happiness formula are, and how this created our current cultural, economic and political turmoil, entitlement disorder, lack of self-responsibility, lack of social responsibility and massive integrity deficits at all levels of society. No one tells this story in the enthralling ways Dr. Gruder does. More importantly, he converts his vast experience in clinical psychology and organizational development to provide training in four remarkably practical common sense ingredients and skill sets for reclaiming the original sustainable happiness formula in all aspects of personal life, business effectiveness and the restoration of empowered citizenship and social responsibility. Specialized versions of this keynote can focus on business-building, the financial services industry, prosperity, leadership, education, journalism, citizenship, integrity, problem-solving, or personal happiness.
  • Personal Power Topics: George Lucas used archetypal wisdom to create his Star Wars story and characters. JRR Tolkien used it to create the Lord of the Rings. CS Lewis used it to write his Chronicles of Narnia tales. JK Rowling wove it into her Harry Potter books. Dr. Gruder draws on this same wisdom to create a highly practical and truly novel way to help your people massively and rapidly upgrade their personal power & effectiveness, leadership styles & skills, and effectiveness in dealing with difficult people.
  • Collaboration Topics: Synergy is the secret to collaboration. It is the key to relationship effectiveness, problem-solving and successful win-win negotiation. In the absence of synergy skills the two other problem-solving strategies of coercion and compromise take over and do untold damage in personal life, at work and in politics. Synergy is a learnable skill. No one does Synergy training like Dr. Gruder does.
  • Accountability Topics: Dr. Gruder calls accountability “integrity in action.” Accountability, like integrity, is one of those buzz words that everyone agrees is important but stunningly few people know the actual mechanics for creating. Dr. Gruder has converted accountability from a vague abstract politically correct concept into a concrete action-oriented step-by-step set of ingredients for building sustainable relationships and maximizing productivity and profitability.
  • The Seven Secrets: The core life skills Dr. Gruder’s research has revealed that efficient personal development, sustainable happiness, effective relationships, business success, leadership, and integrity all have in common, and specific skills and tips for upgrading each one.
  • Multi-Dimensional Wealth (MDW) & Why Money Matters: We’re all wealthy in multiple ways. But the more focused on money society has become, the more people have lost touch with their true and multiple sources of wealth. In truth, we have turned wealth upside down, believing that money is the source of all we want rather than it being the result of who we are. According to Dr. Gruder, creating a sustainably fulfilling career means monetizing the multiple wealths we have, thanks to our temperament, talents and passions. The first step in creating MDW is to recognize, take ownership of, and bring into full bloom your true multiple wealths: your own unique blend of knowledge, wisdom, skills, talents, passion, compassion and light-heartedness. The second step is to develop effective strategies to transform your MDW into streams of income that create financial wellbeing.
  • Entitlement, Learned Helplessness & Self-Responsibility: Entitlement Disorder is the term Dr. Gruder coined for confusing one’s wants with one’s just dues. Entitlement Disorder and Learned Helplessness are psychological epidemics that are devastating the fabric of today’s society, economy and businesses. Self-Responsibility and Impact Training are the foundations for eradicating Entitlement Disorder and Learned Helplessness. No one teaches self-responsibility and impact awareness like Dr. Gruder does.
  • Energy Psychology: Energy Psychology is a family of breakthrough integrative wellness tools that combine time-honored methods from Traditional & Indian Chinese Medicine with sound psychological principles to produce remarkable results. Commonly known as “tapping,” the most well-known member of the Energy Psychology family is EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques. Dr. Gruder believes that Energy Psychology methods will prove to be the most useful self-help, coaching and psychotherapy procedures of the 21st century. He should know. He was the Founding President of the international nonprofit Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and an architect of their certification programs, which in 2012 were finally awarded Continuing Education credit from the American Psychological Association. Dr. Gruder is considered to be among the field’s foremost masters, trainers, and spokespersons.
  • Conquering Anger Mountain: Did you know that anger comes in four distinctly different varieties and that each one needs to be dealt with differently from the others? Dr. David Gruder acquaints you with these four flavors of anger and how to handle each one effectively, in yourself and with others, to prevent anger from developing, diffuse escalating anger before it turns damaging, safely handle over-the-top anger, and successfully resolve recycling anger. This is not even remotely similar to conventional “anger management training.” It is “anger freedom training and training in healthy empowerment and boundaries intelligence!”

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