Over my decades of providing organizational analyses, business consulting, staff development training, teambuilding training, executive coaching, and psychotherapy for unhappy workers and managers, I have found that three factors seem to most determine the difference between productive, healthy, loyal employees and disgruntled ones:

  1. Mission (their lived mission not necessarily what their mission statement says it is)
  2. Decision-Making Mechanisms
  3. Staff Development Strategy
Employees are… Productive, Loyal, Integrity-CenteredDisgruntled, Disloyal, Integrity Impaired
MissionProfitably providing socially responsible products/services in socially responsible ways.Socially irresponsible products/services. ("If my company screws society why should I care if I screw my company?")
Decision-MakingUses synergy to generate principle-centered decisions, and engages in ethical marketing practices.Inconsistent or coercive. ("If my company is not principled, why should I deal with my company in a principled way?")
Staff DevelopmentIncludes ‘soft’ skills that encourage employees being more passion-driven with their job, increase their synergy-competence with their team, and equip them to maintain work-life balance and sustainable happiness.Unconcerned about employees being passion-driven, maintaining work-life balance, or creating sustainable happiness. ("If my company doesn’t care about me being passionate about my work or balanced in my life, why should I be passionate about how I do my job?")

I predict that during the second decade of the twenty-first century the most sustainably profitable businesses will be those doing the best job of…

  • Modeling truly social responsible profitability (socially responsible goods and services provided by people who are being treated in socially responsible ways and being distributed by socially responsible methods)
  • Marketing to consumers through providing informed consent rather than manipulating them through manufacturing consent.
  • Supporting employees and the public in reclaiming sustainable happiness

I further predict that those companies doing the best job in these three areas will have the highest rates of employee productivity, health and loyalty.

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