I mentioned in my last blog post about Dan Brown’s sensational new novel, The Lost Symbol, how he surprised my colleague Lynne McTaggart by prominently mentioning her and her book The Intention Experiment in his latest Robert Langdon thriller.

Now you have an outstanding opportunity to join Lynne for a powerful 90-minute teleseminar on "Powering Up: Living and Healing with Intention," on November12th, 2009:

  • 6 pm Pacific standard time
  • 9 pm Eastern Standard time
  • UK and Europe – to be announced.

During this teleseminar, Lynne will explain to you her techniques for harnessing the power of intention, and how you can start incorporating them into your life ­right immediately. You’ll discover what intention is, why it works – the science behind it – and the ideal conditions for intending, alone and in a group. She will show you how to safeguard against negative intention — yours and everyone else’s — and how to stop sabotaging yourself.

For more details and to register for this extremely valuable event, click on the link below: