I just received the following humorous and heartwarming story about The New IQ: "I left a copy of The New IQ book in the waiting area where I work and the book disappeared — all of the other books in the waiting area were still there.  So, I put out another copy of your book there.  It, too, disappeared.  The third copy disappeared as well…  The next time, I put a note on it indicating that the book is available online and through bookstores, and all four copies were returned within a few days!  I would take this as a sign that there is hunger for this information/experience. I am ordering a number of copies of The New IQ workbook to put in the waiting room as well!" ~~ Constance Wells, Pasadena, California

I welcome you posting on this blog (or backchanneling me) your stories about interesting ways that people are responding to The New IQ!

PS. While the book is available through your favorite online, chain and community bookstore, the workbook – and the book-workbook discount packages – are only available right here at www.TheNewIQ.com