What is a T-MacroMentor™ Versus a Specialty Mentor?

A MacroMentor is kind of similar to a cross between an architect and a general contractor. The “T” refers to breadth and depth of knowledge. The following explanation describes a MacroMentor first and then explains the meaning of the “T”.

An architect works with a client to convert their dreams into plans for a home or office building that accurately supports the life they want to live or the business they want to succeed. A general contractor makes sure that those architectural blueprints are adhered to in the construction process, and that the right building supplies and specialists are activated in the right sequence for the construction process to progress as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

Similarly, a MacroMentor functions like an architect by helping entrepreneurs convert their dreams into master plans for the business they want to build. And a MacroMentor also functions like a general contractor by helping the entrepreneur to convert the architectural blueprints into a living breathing prosperous business. The general contractor portion of a MacroMentor’s role is helping the entrepreneur stay on track in implementing the business’s master plan (blueprint), and by helping to ensure that the right resources, specialty experts/advisors, implementers, executives (when needed), visibility opportunities, and funders, are selected and activated in the most efficient sequence, with the appropriate scope of work for that point in the business’s development, and with the right accountabilities.

What’s the “T” in T-MacroMentor™?

The “T” in T-MacroMentor™ is actually a symbol, not a letter.

The crossbar of the “T” represents a complete picture of what’s necessary to address throughout the entire lifespan of a business… from napkin concept (a lightbulb moment in which an exciting possibility emerges) to exit (exits range from being the chief visionary instead of the chief cook and bottle washer, to selling the business). The vertical column of the “T” represents the deep dive expertises that a particular advisor possesses.

I am one of the few business advisors who has a complete “T” crossbar… even though, like all MacroMentors, I am not a deep dive expert in all the areas that an entrepreneur will need expertise at one point or another in the development of the business. I am best equipped to be a T-MacroMentor™ for entrepreneurs in the fields of integrative health, human potential, or some other kinds of service-oriented ventures.

The vertical column of my “T” expertise includes viability vetting (making sure that a business brainstorm has sufficient potential to wholeheartedly commit to building it), master planning (the process of creating a 50-100 year 40,000 foot vision of a business’s lifespan), leader self-development, and culture development, in addition to curriculum design for book writing, speaking engagements and training programs, media interview coaching, wordsmithing, and the psychological aspects of branding, marketing, selling, website development, acquiring investors, and the succession planning/merger/acquisition process. My deep dive expertise also includes the fields of integrative health and human potential (self-development, psychology, spirituality).

My bias is that every entrepreneur would be wise to have a T-MacroMentor™ at their side. What’s important to decide is whether a particular advisor has a full-width crossbar AND the deep-dive expertise that the entrepreneur knows is the most important expertise to be able to tap into throughout the lifespan of their business.

T-MacroMentor™ or Specialty Mentor?

If what’s in the vertical column of my “T” matches what you believe you most need to be able to tap into throughout the lifespan of your business — especially if you’re providing services and/or books in contrast to manufacturing and selling products, or if you’re home profession is integrative health and/or human potential — it might be wise for us to explore whether I’m the T-MacroMentor™ you’ve been looking for.

If I’m not the right T-MacroMentor™ for you, it’s still likely that some or most of my deep dive areas of expertise (the vertical column of the “T”) will be useful to you at various points during your business’s lifespan. If that’s the case I am happy to explore with you the possibility of being among your Speciality Mentors instead of being your T-MacroMentor™. A Specialty Mentor is a subject matter expert you utilize as one of your secondary advisors or trainers.

Do contact me if you would like to explore the possibility of my becoming your T-MacroMentor™ OR one of your Speciality Mentors.

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