I believe that one of the biggest reasons that both Obama and Huckabee did far better on SuperDuperTuesday than anyone thought they would even as little as two weeks ago is that both these folks are seen as being capable of bringing a far greater level of integrity to the presidency than there has been in many years.

Most of the pundits I listened to on Tuesday night seemed to want to attribute their success to other things but I think the integrity factor is the common denominator between Obama and Huckabee that explains why both of them continue to gather momentum instead of fizzling out.

In contrast for instance, Romney tends to not be viewed as having anywhere near the level of integrity that Obama and Huckabee are generally perceived to have. That he did only slightly better overall than Huckabee despite having a gigantic war chest compared to Huckabee’s shoestring budget may be an indication that citizens are growing weary of allowing their votes to be bought.

If my perspective is accurate, it may reflect a growing trend toward citizens taking more responsibility for the electoral process than they arguably have in years. I see this trend too also indicative of a growing momentum toward increased integrity. An integrity movement may indeed be beginning to develop despite it not yet being recognized as such by nearly enough people.

My intention is to do what I can to help inspire this trend to continue to expand exponentially between now and the November elections

To those ends, I am completing a revolutionary new way for people to learn more about the true integrity levels of political candidates. I call it the Politician Integrity Rating Tool (PIRT). Those who have used it so far have reported that it was profoundly eye-opening, helpful, illuminating and informative. They also reported feeling quite surprised because the results showed them that their favorite candidate has far less integrity than they had imagined or hoped. Completing the PIRT gave them a far clearer, more helpful and more non-partisan grasp than they ever had before about what government leadership integrity really entails.

Stay tuned for updates about when you will be able to start using the automated version of the Politician Integrity Rating Tool (PIRT). It will be available exclusively at www.TheNewIQ.com.

Meanwhile, my new book, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World will provide you with a far fuller and richer understanding of integrity than you probably have ever had.