Shadow Spotting Intro Mini-Workshop Replay

Shadow Spotting by Dr. David Gruder

How often have you noticed interactions occurring that harm love, collaboration, or productivity, in a company, nonprofit, or other groups that you’re connected with? Probably a lot.

How adept are you at seeing when counterproductive group dynamics are happening, and at effectively intervening with them before they do deep damage? Very few leaders have this training.

Especially in this age of divisiveness, knowing how to spot and stop harmful group dynamics has become more important than ever. This mini-workshop is a powerfully eye-opening one-of-a-kind introduction to this developing this crucial skill.

Here’s what you’ll come away with by viewing the video below:

  • Clarity about what “shadow” dynamics are and their toxic impacts in businesses, nonprofits, community groups, families, society, and politics. (“Shadow” is a psychological term coined by the extraordinary trailblazing psychologist, Dr. Carl Jung, for the parts of us that we ignore, repress or deny.”)
  • How to spot the telltale signs of 5 key individual, co-created and systems shadow dynamics in groups.
  • Key questions to ask yourself when you see any of these dynamics happening;.. before you speak up about them.
  • Simple ways to quickly help groups get back on track.

There has never been a more important time to master this little-known essential skill for quickly restoring love and collaboration when interactions deteriorate or productivity gridlocks in your business, nonprofit or agency.

This program was presented by Dr. David Gruder, the 12-award-winning bestselling psychologist who co-architected the Shadow Watcher training program for the ManKind Project. A SynerVision Leadership Foundation Wayshower, Dr. Gruder is a board chair-level advisor & Chief Integrity Officer to leaders, executives, innovators, & helping professionals, who are called to help repair & elevate the world in their own unique ways.

His main website is His next two companion books, co-authored with Mark S. A. Smith, are scheduled for release in late September, 2022: “The Nimble C-Suite” and “The Nimble Company.”