Despite John McCain being the presumptive Republican party nominee for the next president of the United States, there is one Republican candidate who has not yet dropped out of the race: Ron Paul. The video below provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into some startling statistics about his exposure that appear to call media integrity into question in terms of their candidate coverage.

I would not go as far as the author of the video below in implying that there is a conspiracy to suppress Ron Paul’s media exposure. Rather, I suspect that most of the print and broadcast media still remain too unsophisticated in their understanding of the internet to have known to do the research that the author of this video has done. This apparent abdication of responsibility to properly track internet trends is alarming to me in this day and age.

I want to make one other thing explicit before you watch the video: Jerry Day, the producer of the video, is a strong supporter of Ron Paul. I have NOT  posted this video here because I am taking a stand one way or another about Ron Paul as a presidential candidate. As you know if you have followed this blog for any amount of time, I remain deliberately non-partisan because my focus has been on analyzing candidate integrity strengths and weakeness, and media integrity strengths and weaknesses, not on endorsing specific candidates.

As you watch the following video please keep all of this in mind.