Here is a concrete way that you can help usher in a new era of personal, relationship and leadership integrity: sign the Integrity Pledge. Who can sign this Integrity Pledge? Absolutely anyone and hopefully everyone! Please read the pledge below and then click on the link beneath it to ‘sign’ your Pledge.

The 3D Integrity Pledge

I hereby choose to help spark an integrity revolution because I know that integrity matters today more than ever: to me, to those in my life and to the wellbeing of all of the collectives of which I am a part.

Therefore, I commit today, and every day from now on, to living in ever-increasing integrity with all three of my Core Drives:

  1. Personal Authenticity

  2. Connection with others

  3. Having a positive Impact in the world

I embrace the key seven life skills (WisePassions) that make 3D Integrity possible, and will consistently upgrade them today and throughout the rest of my life:

  1. Teachability: I pledge to remain open to new ways of understanding and acting that can expand my capacity for authenticity, connection and impact… even if they are substantially different from my pre-existing beliefs and habits.

  2. Self-Care: I pledge to do what I must to maintain the life energy and organization I need each day to support all three of my core drives.

  3. Discernment: I pledge to become excellent at blending keen insight, good judgment and strong intuition so I can distinguish fact from spin. I pledge to become good at knowing what fits and doesn’t fit for me regardless of whether this is the same as or different from what may fit for others.

  4. Harvesting: I pledge to gather gifts from all of my life experiences, especially the ones I wasn’t expecting or wishing for, that help me become more authentic, more co-creative with others, and more compassionate in serving collective highest good.

  5. Power: I pledge to deeply embrace and express the light I carry, to honor my limits, and to become effective at manifesting my intentions.

  6. Synergy: I pledge to expand my capacity to treasure diversity and to compassionately co-create mutually respectful agreements and solutions with others.

  7. Stewardship: I pledge to learn how to co-discover with others what serves our collective highest good and to serve collective highest good each day, in small everyday ways, and in larger ways as opportunities arise, especially when no one notices.

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