Why Sequencing is a Skill Every Entrepreneur, SocialPreneur, Nonprofit Founder/Executive Director, & Leader Needs to Master

There are five big traps that can sink even the most promising enterprises:

  1. What can happen if you don’t “Start With Sequencing.”

    Doing unproductive things in no particular order. Result = no progress + frustration + chaos

  2. Doing productive things in the wrong sequence. Result = time + energy + money wasted with a high risk of running out of funds before you get off the ground or before you reach sustained profitability
  3. Engaging right team members at the wrong time. Result = money wasted + resentment accumulates + morale gets trashed
  4. Engaging right team members at the right time 
for the wrong scope of work. Result = progress gets gridlocked + funds get wasted
  5. Not becoming who your enterprise needs you to become for it to succeed or not doing this in the most efficient sequence that can create the most progress. Result = any or all of the above + not attracting top quality team members, funding, opportunities, & customers, or keeping the ones you get

All five of these traps are sequencing errors.

Sequencing Effectiveness is your best foundation for staying on track in making your enterprise successful, whether it’s a for-profit, nonprofit, or cause.

Are you masterful at making sure that you build your enterprise by doing the most useful things in the most productive order with the right people using the most effective collaboration procedures to produce your most desired results?

SequeXcellence™ is Dr. David Gruder’s practical integrated sequencing effectiveness framework.

SequeXcellence™ seamlessly blends your ultimate life goals, enterprise envisioning & selection, master planning, project design, entrepreneur/leader self-development, and high performance collaboration procedures… to give you the power to Actualize Your Enterprise™.

If Actualizing Your Enterprise™ in the best possible way is truly important to you, you owe it to yourself and your enterprise to master SequeXcellence™.

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Two Brief Snapshots Showing What Makes Dr. Gruder a Sequencing Expert