I am one of ten Holistic Health Experts who are part of a remarkable series being produced by Dr. Stephanie Stanfield for immediately making improvements in your health.

Dr. Stanfield will interview me on “Self-Development That Serves Us All: The Next Wave in Holistic Health.” The other holistic health experts who are part of this series of nearly 60 minute segments include:

  • Dr. C. Norman Shealy: Forever Young
  • Mary Hammond: Soul’s Purpose as Your Path to Health
  • Steve Bhearman (aka Swami Beyondananda): Wake Up Laughing, Wise Up Loving
  • Patricia Sun: Mind & Body Together
  • Janet Conner: Writing Down Your Soul
  • Afsaneh Noori: Beyond Surviving – Thrive in Change
  • John McLaughlin: Self-Worth – The Key to Health
  • Jon Shore: Enlightenment in Daily Life
  • Kathy Perry: Self-Empowerment Tools for Holistic Living

Here’s what you get when you purchase this series:

  • Recordings of all of the interviews
  • PDF transcripts of all of the interviews
  • A special Learning Guide for each interview to help you start upgrading your health immediately
  • Valuable bonus material from each speaker
  • A half hour session with Stephanie Stanfield, PhD, ThD. (You can learn more about Stephanie at www.LiveYourPresentMoment.com.).
  • A couple of secret surprises!

The cost for this complete package is $199.* Purchase it now by clicking on the link below:

 * In the interest of full transparency, please be aware that I receive a percentage of your tuition and Dr. Stanfield receives the rest. If you have any questions about this product, contact Dr. Stanfield at 970-987-5029 or drsteph5@gmail.com