Continuing his dedication to refusing to tolerate yet another example of lack of integrity, Roger Goodell, the head of the National Football League, fined New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick a record half million dollars for defying NFL rules by spying on his opponent’s coaches during a football game. This is the maximum financial fine Goodell is authorized to levee. He also fined the New England Patriots organization and additional quarter-million dollars. And he took away one of their draft picks in next year’s draft. Bravo, Roger Goodell.

Suspending Belichick for a game or two might have sent an even stronger message but I am still glad that action was considered, swift and decisive. It of course remains to be seen whether Goodell will go so far as to initiate an investigation into whether this spying was an isolated incident or a more regular habit. Nonetheless, Goodell’s actions are role-modeling not only to fellow professional sports leagues, but to all those involved in amateur athletics and child athletics, how crucial it is to preserve integrity in all forms of competition. This role-modeling sends a great message to organizers of child athletic leagues, to team coaches, to the children who play and to their parents.

Too bad someone doesn’t have this kind of power to discipline politicians, political pundits and lobbyists!