Ginny Ollis, CRS, SRES, GRI, whom San Diego Magazine gave a 2008 FIVE STAR award for Best Real Estate Agent in the Client Satisfaction category, wrote the following about an article of mine that appeared in the Winter 2009 Issue of Biz San Diego Magazine:

At this time of year when so many people are looking at their business plans, what better words to hear than the following words from Dr. Gruder:

We all know that job fulfillment is a crucial key to employee integrity, loyalty and retention. What creates job satisfaction? It’s the ability to express through our job the three innate core drives that all of us have. Those drives are authenticity, connection, and impact.

  1. Authenticity is being who we truly are. At work this means being satisfied with the extent to which we express our gifts, talents and passions through our job.
  2. Connection is bonding with others. At work this means feeling nourished by collaborative relationships rather than chronically divisive, conflicted or compromising ones.
  3. Impact is influencing the world around us. At work the means feeling fulfilled by the extent to which the work we do is appreciated for the positive difference it makes in the business and beyond.

Great employee development programs provide tools that enhance employee’s abilities to express all three of these core drives at work. This not only helps provide employee integrity, loyalty and retention, but these skills also enrich all aspects of an employee’s life.

I loved it! I have sent this to my mastermind group!

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