Turn Differing Perspectives into Superior Solutions in 5 Powerful Steps

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You already know we need far better alternatives to:

  • Political polarizationreconciliationroadmap
  • Hurling insults and disrespect at each other
  • Feeding animosity that perpetuates gridlock
  • Being overly PC (politically “correct”)
  • Compromising
  • Feeling powerless and run over
  • Trying to have reasonable discussions with the wrong people (people who are in a state of Rightness Addiction: a state of being unchangeably right about how wrong people are who have views that are different from yours)

We need better ways to talk with people who have different views from ours. We need better ways to have forward-moving conversations that generate integrated solutions to the challenges we face. Now more than ever. With our family and our friends. At work and in our community.

engage-with-others-who-rrYou’re about to access a road tested way to do that. My Reconciliation Roadmap™ is a practical 5-step guide that’s been helping countless people have more illuminating, fruitful, forward-moving, and even enjoyable, conversations, with people who have different views from ours. Conversations that also make it far easier to generate far more complete and sustainable solutions to the challenges we face today at work, at home, and in our communities.

The free Reconciliation Roadmap™ webinar you are about to register to attend (further below) is your opportunity to gain free access to this roadmap, so you can significantly uplevel your ability to help create the changes you want to see in YOUR world and THE world.

Even though the webinar has already taken place, you can get free access to the replay through this link: https://courses.drgruder.com/rr.

Thanks in advance for your desire to become a more ethically powerful influence.

See you on the webinar,
David Gruder