Lana McAra, "The Prospect Profiler™," interviewed me on her radio show today. We didn’t only discuss how our innately wired recipe for happiness got hijacked,how Natural Developers intuitively use this recipe to create sustainable happiness without sacrificing integrity, and how the rest of us can successfully do the same by design. I also revealed on this show some insider tips about connecting with prospects that were so successful that I had to set up a referral system to farm out all the clients it generated that I couldn’t handle myelf. Lana’s comment about the interview: "Awesome material!"

Listen to the 30 minute interview by clicking the "start" button (the right arrow) in the graphic below…

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Dr. David Gruder is a clinical and organizational psychologist, an eight-award-winning author, a highly sought speaker and trainer, and a trusted advisor to leaders and businesses. Known as the "Merlin" of personal, relationship and leadership transformation, he is internationally acclaimed as a foremost expert in how to reconnect personal integrity and social responsibility with sustainable happiness, health, and prosperity.

His last book, “The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World,” won six awards for its solutions to today’s massive deficits in personal, relationship, corporate, governmental, and leadership integrity. The soon-to-be-launched website converts that material into a step-by-step self-guided curriculum for integrating your happiness, health, prosperity, and ability to make a positive difference in your chosen spheres of influence.

Dr. Gruder also co-authored the just-released “Conversations With the King,” with Elvis Presley’s stepbrother David Stanley. It reveals the lessons that Elvis’s life and death taught about the huge dangers of tolerating a gap between our highest awareness and our daily behaviors, and provides you with a powerful road map and illuminating exercises for closing that gap in your own life.