In this IntegrityWatch blog post I want to tell you about an outstanding software program and app that can simplify your life!

Before I do, I first want you to know that I receive no money from telling you about this resource. I am only telling you about it because it is rocking my world by enabling me to remain in self-integrity and relationship integrity through managing my life and my commitments in a far more organized and synchronized way than I have ever before been able to do.

 It’s called PowerMe. It enables me to set up and manage my projects and my life in a way that matches how my mind works. It allows me to invite others to collaborate with me on specific projects, tasks, and documents. It synchronizes all of this across all of the Internet-accessible platforms I use: my laptop and desktop computers, my iPhone, and my iPad.
The product is PowerMe and you can learn all about it at For me, the benefits I receive from using PowerMe are worth way more than its more-than-affordable cost.
If you are looking for a more effective way to track tasks, manage projects, collaborate with others, and organize all aspects of your work and personal life, I believe you owe it to yourself to take a close look at this breakthrough resource.