How Much Integrity Does Each U.S. Presidential Candidate REALLY Have?
At Last There is a Way to Truly Evaluate Politician Integrity!

I am delighted to announce the launch of my Politician Integrity Rating Tool (PIRT).

Almost all politicians claim to have integrity, ethics and positive character. They get away with this because most people don’t know how to evaluate these traits.

I truly believe that the public and the media want a better way to evaluate candidates than through the distortions dished out by spin doctors posing as pundits.

My new Politician Integrity Rating Tool (PIRT) provides you with a powerful new way to evaluate a politican’s integrity by analyzing your ratings of ten key integrity dimensions regarding that person.

Here’s how the PIRT works: 

  1. Answer ten questions about the candidate whose political integrity you want to evaluate.
  2. Your responses will be automatically scored online.
  3. Your results will instantly appear on your screen along with the composite statistics of all who have rated that politician.

Here’s your chance to rate the integrity of the presidential candidates and to get what may be the most useful information you may have ever gotten about the personal, relationship, societal and leadership integrity of these politicians.

Politician or public servant? Find out by filling out the PIRT. Go to today and click on "Politician Integrity Rating Tool."

If this tool catches on with the media and the public, I think it has the potential to put pressure on politicians to start paying more and deeper attention to the important things.