Why Waking Up, Wising Up & Stepping Up Matters for Us All

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On Conspiracy Deniers & Conspiracy Believers

I have seen multiple articles on the psychology of conspiracy believers but none on the psychology of conspiracy deniers... until now. The following article on the psychology of conspiracy deniers is outstanding: grounded, clear-headed, and psychologically astute....

Capitol Hill Collaboration Project – Request for Suggestions

Capitol Hill Collaboration Project – Request for Suggestions

Seeking U.S. Senators and Representatives on both sides of the aisle know that Congress must replace polarized coercion with transpartisan problem-solving. Which of them do you believe might be participate? Click for details on this initiative, & to provide your recommendations.

Come Clean: A Theory About Why Conspiracy Theories Are So Popular & What This Calls For

NOTE: I am fine-tuning this "source document" in order to start extracting briefer articles, create a comprehensive PDF or brief ebook, and record audios and/or videos. I welcome your feedback. Context Statement Some people have accused me of refusing to take sides or...

Toward a Holistic Replacement For Racism

June 22, 2020 version Is there a way to understand and resolve racism that can be embraced across the political, cultural and ideological spectrum (excluding, of course, extremists)? This document suggests not only that there is — it proposes a framework for this....

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