Are You In Sync With Synchronicity?

These Days, It’s Sync in order to Swim
“The universe is always trying to tell us what to do, where to go,
and how to behave. We just have to listen.”
— Dr. Gary Schwartz
How many times have you experienced a “coincidence” that you suspected, or even knew, had to be more than mere coincidence? There is a word for this: “synchronicity.”
Almost all of us have at times wondered whether certain seemingly unrelated signs and occurrences were in fact related in important ways. Yet, too few of us are confident in our ability to distinguish coincidence from synchronicity. And even fewer of us are confident in our ability to make sense of the synchronicities we have so they can better our lives and the lives of those we care about.
Well, that’s about to change, perhaps for you, thanks to a wonderful synchronicity that happened this past June at the 2012 ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) conference in San Diego, California.
I was sitting at a table visiting with a friend of mine, consciousness researcher Dr. Gary Schwartz (, when another friend, Steve Bhaerman (AKA Swami Beyondananda – suddenly showed up.  My two friends had never met, so I naturally introduced them to each other, wondering whether there was a reason this was happening at this moment in time.
Well, within moments the three of us were swept into an amazing discussion about synchronicity. And, as though our conversation was being guided by something beyond our own intentions, we quickly discovered that reason: we each had parts of the synchronicity puzzle that seemed destined to be combined.
That was when all three of us knew that the Universe had conspired to synchronistically bring the three of us together for this to happen at that particular time!
And the rest, as they say … is mystery.
 “We are leaving the Age of the Warrior and entering the Age of the Magician — effortless, spontaneous manifestation. Identifying and cultivating synchronicities helps us usher in and embody this magical age.”
— Dr. David Gruder
All seeming coincidences are potential invitations into mystery. And the seeming coincidences that are actually synchronicities are doorways into discovery. We view cultivating synchronicity as cultivating practical magic and elegant ease. We see synchronicities as causes for celebration that cause more celebration. Most of all, we understand synchronicity as intentional direction combined with “learning to read the Universe’s mind.”
The three of us know we were brought together for a reason: to help people supercharge their Synchronicity IQ – your ability to recognize and utilize synchronicities to more effortlessly better your own life and the lives of those around you. Our synergy around synchronicity has already begun bringing forth new breakthroughs in the “technology” of coaxing these magical miracles to appear more often in your life. Now we seek to discover how to best make this available.
“I sync, therefore I am.”
 — Swami Beyondananda
Gary, Steve and I invite you to give us a brief glimpse into your relationship with synchronicity, and the extent to which you do or don’t believe that expanding your Synchronicity IQ could help make your life richer, more enjoyable and more effective.
To make responding easy and quick, we have created a brief "Synchronicity Experiences" survey that takes most people ten minutes or less to complete. We will gather, sort and anonymously summarize everyone’s responses and you will receive a report of our findings as a “thank you” for participating. We wouldn’t be surprised if the results provide you with valuable clues for becoming a better synchronizer!
Please take a few minutes, right now if possible, to complete this brief survey. To do that, CLICK HERE. We look forward to sharing the survey results with you!
With gratitude,
David Gruder
PS: Yes, please DO feel free to invite people you know to complete this survey too!
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