What you do in your workplace, does it mirror who you are? What kind of picture, of you, do your colleagues see at your workplace?  Can they see your vibrant energy? Can they feel the passion you have for your work? Are they inspired to keep going when the going gets tough? This is being able to set a positive example for your colleagues, something that they can aspire to be and do. Can they hear your encouraging, positive words? Can they see your enthusiasm? Can they see your resilient spirit when chaos tries to overwhelm?  Norman Vincent Peale said, “Nothing is more confusing than people who give good advice, but set a bad example.” The most valuable gift you can give yourself and the people in your workplace is the gift of a good example. When they see you being a good example, day in and day out at the workplace that convinces others you are a leader! Does your personal effectiveness in the workplace clearly show a picture of who you are?