How happy are you? Can you write down five things that make you happy each evening before you go to sleep? What activities provide you with meaning and pleasure? Are you doing them or maybe still looking? Personal effectiveness can promote happiness and laughter  because you are participating in daily activities that provide meaning. (ie: I love to go for a run, do yoga, pilates and strength train. These bring meaning to me because I value my health. I am motivated to do these activities because I want to be an adult that prevents dis-ease and can keep my health care costs to a minimum.) This sure brings happiness and laughter to my life. Does your job or workplace create happiness and laughter for you? Do you utilize your talent and strengths so you know your work has a significant impact on other people and their life? I enjoy empowering people to be more authentic, helping them create healthy relationships and finding a purpose that makes each day a pleasure to live… that fills them with joy, happiness and laughter… with 3-D integrity. Is happiness the ultimate, end result of anything you do? What do you value in life?