The following Frontline episode was broadcast on February 17, 2009. Called "Inside the Meltdown," this 60 minute video tells the story behind why an astonished U.S. Congress was told in a private session by Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, that the American economy was in grave danger of a complete meltdown within a matter of days. This well-done PBS (U.S. Public Broadcasting System) documentary pieces together information from many sources to provide a more complete understanding of what happened to our economy than most people have.

After viewing this, if you want to delve more deeply into a leading nonpartisan futurist’s analysis of where we may be heading, visit Gerald Calente’s "Trends Research" website. But, I warn you, don’t go there unless you have the stomach to acquaint yourself with the dark perspective about our future that one of the world’s foremost trend analyzers is projecting:

For yet more details, take a look at this IntegrityWatch Blog post:

All of this is why all of us urgently need to take a fresh look at what creates life fulfillment, and why we need to insist that our leaders find the courage to take the steps necessary to restore integrity to our economy, to how business and government functions, to the foundations of health care, to politics, to the media, and to society-at-large.

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