If you have been suffering from war-related trauma (or any other kind of trauma), if you know someone who is, or if you assist people who are, you need to know about Energy Psychology methods. Perhaps the most well-known of these methods is called Emotional Freedom Techniques®.

The following 18 minute video demonstrates how remarkably effective these newly emerging and inexpensive methods are, and how rapid and durable the results tend to be. You will even see Dr. Gruder in a couple of clips toward the end of the video, since he was the Founding President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. But, don’t skip ahead — take the time to watch the entire video. You’ve likely never seen anything like this.

[To watch this video your computer must have Adobe’s free "Flash Player" program. If you don’t see the video below, click HERE to download that free program.]

 For more information about EFT and war trauma, go to the Emotional Freedom Techniques website or click here for the direct link to that page on the site. For more details about EFT research, click HERE. For a complete listing of research verifying the effectiveness of Energy Psychology methods including but not limited to EFT, go to the research page of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology website or click HERE to go directly to that page.

Dr. Gruder provides an Energy Psychology self-help audio in which his voice guides you through entire self-help sequences using these methods, called Energy Psychology Anywhere™. If you’re using his three-award-winning book on integrity-centered life fulfillment, The New IQ, or its accompanying workbook, these methods can assist greatly. For your copy of Energy Psychology Anywhere™, click HERE.