Entrepreneur Peak Performance Psychology “As-Needed” Consults with Dr. Gruder

This page is about the Entrepreneur Peak Performance Psychology as-needed consultations I offer to those for whom it’s premature or unnecessary to place me on retainer or offer me a position on their Board of Directors.

If you already know why you want to meet with me, feel free to skim the details below as you scroll down this page to the “How to Engage Me” section for scheduling instructions.

The Psychology of Entrepreneur Success
Depending on which study’s results you believe, psychological factors — like leadership skills, team collaboration, emotional intelligence, accountability, funder/customer attractiveness, and so forth — account for between 75% and 90% of business success. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that those numbers a right in line with the percentage of businesses that fail in the first five years or less.

In my experience, a huge part of why projects fail is that entrepreneurs and their teams build enterprises at the level of their self-development limitations despite their higher intentions… and because they’re not clear about the best sequence in which to build their venture. You likely landed on this page because these are mistakes you want to avoid.

The Opportunity I’m Offering to You
The businesses, nonprofits, service providers, and leaders who ordinarily engage me place me on monthly retainer. However, you might not yet be at a point in your business development where it would be financially prudent to take that step. Or perhaps you might not need that level of engagement from me. If so, I’ve got good news for you: I’m also available in a fully scalable way: instead of putting me on monthly retainer you now have the option of engaging me on a consultation-by-consultation basis at whatever frequency best suits your current circumstances and needs.

Take a look below at the advantages you get by gaining access to my experience & expertise…

Key Benefits of Tapping Into the Psychology of Business Effectiveness

1. Upgrade Your Own Capacities & Effectiveness

  • Crystallize your reasons for building a venture you have in mind
  • Vet that potential venture’s viability so you become confident that it is optimally right-matched with your reasons for considering building it
  • Venture development master planning, phasing & sequencing
  • Identify your gifts & gaps as a leader so you know exactly what expertise you’ll need to bring on board sooner or later
  • Become the leader your venture needs you to be for it to succeed

2. Build Your People into a High Performance High Happiness Collaboration Culture

  • Attract, select & manage the right gap-fillers — advisors, board members, funders, experts, outsourced and/or in-house implementors, alliance partners, etc.
  • Engage them at the right time for the right scope of work
  • Onboard them using accountability-capable engagement agreements
  • Maximize their individual productivity, accountability, and collaboration effectiveness

3. Expand Your Customers/Clients/Tribe

  • Increase your venture’s visibility with your sweet spot market(s)
  • Turn more members of your sweet spot market into interested prospects
  • Convert more of your prospects into committed customers, clients, or tribe members
  • Serve your people so stellarly that more and more become raving fans who become your word-of-mouth sales force

4. Become More Investor Attractive

  • Being “Investor-Ready” means becoming capital compliant in collaboration with a capital attorney (and often also utilizing other specialists as well, such as a patent/trademark attorney, incorporation expert, a financial projections/budgeting expert, a market analyst, a strategic plan developer, etc.)
  • Becoming “Investor Attractive” is about knowing how to presence yourself and wordsmith what you say to prospective investors so you come across to the right ones as an entrepreneur they have enough faith in to invest with — this is the piece of dealing with prospective investors that I can help entrepreneurs fine-tune

The “Secret Sauce” You Tap Into When You Meet with Me

  • Unusually Diverse Expertise: 10 years before I finished my PhD in clinical & organizational development psychology in 1982, I appointed to a Master Planning team charged with developing a 50 year master plan.
    • Clinical psychology focuses on optimizing individual development.
    • Organizational development psychology focuses on optimizing group dynamics.
    • Master Planning is big picture and long-range planning, in contrast to shorter-term and more detailed strategic planning processes.
    • Sprinkle in my extensive background in performing & directing (music & drama), journalism, curriculum design, and my extensive experience as a speaker, trainer, and facilitator
  • Decades of Experience: Since the 1970s I’ve been engaged by entrepreneurs, family owned businesses, CEOs, nonprofits, governance leaders, educational institutions and healthcare practitioners to help them succeed without sacrificing their personal integrity, life balance, cherished relationships or social responsibility. On 3 continents in 7 countries. In person and remotely. In addition to giving keynotes and training programs, and providing organizational development consulting.
  • Stellar Reputation: In 2002 I became the first recipient of a Leadership award named after me. In 2008 Radio & TV Reports named me “America’s Integrity Expert.” In 2016 I received a Culture Creation award. I’ve been featured in 23 books, and the ones that I myself have authored have earned awards in 8 unusually diverse categories, only some of which include leadership, business, social change, health & wellness, and self-improvement. You can read more about my unusually diverse background at www.DrGruder.com/about. You can view a small sampling of what people say about me at www.DrGruder.com/kudos. And you can scrutinize Avent-Guard’s extensive background check on me at www.ClearBusinessDirectory.com

How to Engage Me
You now have remarkably affordable access to a leading Entrepreneur Peak Performance Psychologist. As needed. One consultation at a time. For 25, 55, 85 minutes, or longer by special arrangement. I also offer a monthly retainer option.

If any of my areas of expertise match important parts of what you’re looking for at this time, go ahead and schedule your first (or next) consult now:

  1. Click through to my online scheduler via the blue “Contact” button at the bottom of this page
  2. Select the paid consultation option that matches the amount of time you want for our meeting (25, 55, or 85 minutes — for longer meetings please email me).
  3. Before you choose your meeting date & time, be sure the calendar is set for the time zone YOU will be in WHEN WE MEET
  4. My scheduler will automatically convert your selected time to my time zone when it notifies me of our meeting. That way our meeting time will be properly synchronized even if we’ll be in different time zones.

Questions? Click on the email icon via the blue “Contact” button at the bottom of this page.

I look forward to becoming (or continuing as) your Entrepreneur Peak Performance Psychologist!

David Gruder