In today’s world, spouting forms of hatred toward most groups is no longer viewed as acceptable. Yet vilifying political groups that aren’t our own is somehow still viewed as OK.

Saying hateful things about individuals and assassinating their character when we don’t agree with their positions or tactics also still seems to be considered OK.

Roseanne Barr says vile things about Valerie Jarrett, a former top Obama administration administration. Samantha Bee says vile things about Trump’s daughter, Ivanka. Democrats scream about what Roseanne says and stay silent about what Samantha says. Republicans scream about what Samantha says and stay silent about what Roseanne says.

These two illustrations are merely specific examples of a recurring pattern that has become all-too-familiar: vilifying that which is “not me.”

What does this kind of selective screaming and selective silence teach society? Divisiveness, that’s what.

When most people speak of this sort of double standard they miss the point. The real double standard is that it’s OK to demean people and groups that don’t have OUR orientation but it’s not OK to demean people and groups WITH our orientation.

The real problem beneath this double standard is that hatred, bullying, character assassination, and calling people and groups vile names, has become an acceptable part of social discourse in far too many circles, including in the media. In other words, we have deteriorated into A Culture of Vilification.

That which fuels hatred harms society.

This isn’t the exercise of free speech. It’s the exercise of psychological immaturity.

Freedom of speech is an inalienable RIGHT. Exercising freedom of speech in respectful civil ways is an inalienable RESPONSIBILITY.

Freedom without responsibility is narcissism. Responsibility without freedom is tyranny. Both/and not either/or.

When are we finally going to dump the real double standard, and the real problem that’s fueling it, and start insisting as a society that freedom and responsibility are EQUALLY important, and that honestly speaking our mind in ways that are respectful and civil is crucial to a HEALTHY society?

Narcissism and tyranny are psychological immaturity. They are the way backward. Freesponsibility is psychological maturity. It is the way forward.

Now is the time to end our psychological immaturity and our societal deterioration. Please join me in modeling and standing up for Freesponsibility. Starting now is not soon enough.


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