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The Nimble C-Suite

The Nimble Company

The Nimble C-Suite & The Nimble Company

Amid perpetual upheavals and accelerating world changes, we transition from the Experience Economy where buyers chose memorable outcomes to the Transformational Economy where buyers choose meaningful, authentic, and socially responsible outcomes.

The future belongs to the nimble; those able to resiliently innovate to deliver meaningful goods and services that customers seek. Being nimble makes demands beyond the traditional corporate structure and leadership strategy’s ability to deliver. Moreover, executive team structures and company cultures that were adequate for success in the past are ill-suited for thriving in the future.

The Nimble C-Suite and The Nimble Company are companion books by multi-award-winning bestselling co-authors, Dr. David Gruder and Mark S.A. Smith. They provide an essential bridge from the conventional business approaches you used to get where you are today, to flourishing in today’s Transformational Economy and beyond, as a socially responsible business.

The premise of these books: Because your customers want to become a better version of themselves, your company must become a better version of itself.

The Nimble C-Suite

How to Align the Diverse Strengths of Your Executive Team to Predictably Deliver Extraordinary Outcomes in a Transformational Economy, reveals the root causes that limit leadership teams and offers you an executive team realignment framework to effectively address changing demands in today’s chronically volatile business environment. You’ll find more details in the overview webinar video further below.

The Nimble Company

A Proactive, Socially Responsible Framework for Driving Sustained Profits and Growth in a Chronically Chaotic World, takes a fresh look at the root causes of upheavals, offers pragmatic solutions that can address these causes in today’s chronically volatile business environment, and shows you how to create a nimble company culture that more effectively supports business success in the transformation marketplace. You’ll find more details in the overview webinar video further below.

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What People Are Saying About…

The Nimble C-Suite

How to Align the Diverse Strengths of Your Executive Team to Predictably Deliver Extraordinary Outcomes in a Transformational Economy

“This is a great book filled with innovative ideas and at the same time utterly readable and digestible. Bravo. The future belongs to those who overcome the current chaos and become nimble. Gruder and Smith clearly lay out the framework that includes completely rethinking the organizational structure to maximize leadership archetypes and provide the most streamlined and reliable way to ensure psychological diversity and minimize blind spots. Each chapter ends with probing questions to help critically evaluate an organization’s status and begin the journey to nimbility.”

Melissa A. Smith
former Executive Director of the Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School,
and former President of Retail, Aerosoles Inc.

“Only once in a great while do words hold tremendous power to invoke significant change. The authors, Dr. David Gruder and Mark S.A. Smith have collaborated to create a foundation for leadership in a world where the rate of change has become so exponential that it calls for an entirely new perspective in leadership. To say that we are in a transformational phase of human evolution would be an understatement, and this set of books sets the path forward in a way never before attempted at such a grand scale. We will include copies of these books in every HR package, not just for the executives.”

Mark Hewitt
Founder, NuGen Development & The Lydian Foundation

“Color me impressed! Here’s why Dr. Gruder and Mr. Smith’s book is so very valuable to devour: The future is coming and only the nimble, flexible, and innovative of us will contribute and prosper in that future. This book shows how to BE the Leader in these times because it is remarkably rich in detail and specific tactics and it truly inspires the reader to ‘nimbly’ take action. Powerfully important read.”

David M. Corbin,
Mentor to Mentors, Two-time WSJ best-selling author,
The Illuminated Brand, Illuminate the Negative, BrandSlaughter

“Aligning the strengths and mindset of your executive team has become critical to thriving in today’s chaotic world. I have known David and Mark for many years, and they have captured in their new book what you must understand and do to predictably and successfully lead the next generation of business.”

Dr. Jeffrey Magee
CMC/CBE/CSP/PDM, Human Capital Developer, Group-Publisher
& Editor-and-Chief, PERFORMANCE Magazine

“I truly loved the book! To the point, immediately useable information, with an amazing and necessary map for executives to step forward into the new corporate paradigm that already has me wondering how the old paradigm lasted this long!”

Dail Croome,
President, Grand Shrimp (decentralized food production solutions);
former President & Vice President of several public & private companies

“As a successful leader of new emerging global technology businesses for 20 years, I extracted new ideas and was reminded of some I allowed to lapse. I kept going back and reading parts over again. Early in the book the authors ask: Are you willing to unlearn and relearn? This impactful statement freed me to investigate the wisdom and ideas provided without judgment. Leaders and teams will benefit immediately from this book.”

Dan Wensley,
CEO, ScalePad (technology)

“Reading this book blew my mind! As a seasoned COO, I still face daily challenges. This book explains why, especially the chapter on executive temperament and aligning roles to operate within one’s zone of genius. This is my new go-to manual for permanently solving my biggest leadership problems.”

Peter Vescovo,
COO, Island Tech Services (technology)

The Nimble Company

A Proactive, Socially Responsible Framework for Driving Sustained Profits and Growth in a Chronically Chaotic World

“I could not put down The Nimble Company. Mark and David really know what they are talking about. When I finished the book, I had more pages of actionable ideas than any other business book I have read in the last decade. I have ordered a copy for all of our people. Learn from this and implement it. Your success depends on it.”

Frank Candy,
Founder and President, American Speakers Bureau Corporation

“This book is a meaty masterpiece on how businesses must operate to thrive today, why they don’t, and how to fix yours so it does. It includes the full range of concepts and tools for making sense of chaos, extracting conviction from uncertainty, and seizing opportunity out of disruption. Having founded and led a company for over two decades, this is the first book I’ve read that hits execution risk head on and gives me the full range of tools to help my company and others thrive in change. Every one of my clients will have a copy on their desk on Day One. Indispensable!”

Mark DiMassimo
Founder and Creative Chief, DiGo

“This guide to agile governance is a must-have for every executive. Organized in crystal-clear, user-friendly format, it shows how blindspots are avoided through inclusiveness. Park your ego at the door and keep this book at your side.”

Douglas Mulhall
Author of Our Molecular Future, former founding CEO of ICTV,
and Cofounder of Elastrin Therapeutics

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About the Authors

David Gruder

A Board Chair-level Advisor & Chief Integrity Officer, Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP, works with leaders, executives, innovators, & helping professionals who are called to help repair & elevate the world in their own unique ways. His PhD is in clinical and organizational development psychology. Since the 1970s, he has provided multiple hundreds of keynotes, training programs, consultations and media interviews worldwide, in addition to having been involved in various capacities with 26 books.

Co-founder of NimbilityWorks, a consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders embrace Nimbility, Dr. Gruder’s unusually broad range of expertise is reflected in the personal and book awards he has received, spanning these areas: politics & society, social change, culture creation, visionary leadership, conscious business & leadership, health & wellness, mental health, transformational psychology, and self-help.

Mark S A Smith

After a successful career in helping to bring to market billions of dollars of disruptive technology, Mark S A Smith now works with Visionmakers to turn market challengers into market leaders. He works with C-Suite leaders determined to transform their business from a market challenger into the market leader in 3 years or less.

Co-founder of NimbilityWorks, a consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders embrace Nimbility, he brings his broad leadership perspective, extensive business models, professional speaking capacity, and tightly-honed coaching skills to leaders who desire to lead transformational businesses and teams that make a difference.