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My intention is to make these updates available to you each month from now on. I’ll be updating you with announcements, opportunities to benefit from what I provide, and resources others offer that I’m enthusiastic about. I’m excited about everything I’m sharing with you this month, and I look forward to hearing from you.

My New Mission Statement Clarifies How I Can Be Useful to You

I make integrity profitable, leaders effective, collaboration productive, happiness sustainable, & cultures healthy… all in fully integrated ways.™

I provide hidden keys to Having It All without sacrificing your integrity, personal wellbeing, cherished relationships, or social responsibility… so you can live your life at the level of your highest intentions instead of being undermined by your self-development limitations.™ 

Dr. David Gruder, President, Integrity Culture Systems™

I do this by providing leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, helping professionals, self-developers, and societal stewards (elected officials, journalists, & educators), with practical roadmaps, mindsets, skills, & procedures for succeeding without sacrificing integrity, personal wellbeing, cherished relationships, or social responsibility.

The resources I provide include keynotes, training programs (in-person & online), facilitation, consulting, mentoring, media interviews, books and articles.

Interested? Let’s talk soon. My online scheduler is available to you 24/7. It lets you check my availability and select a time that works for you. This gives you a really easy way to set a time for us to explore the possibility of you engaging me to mentor you, to provide a keynote or training program for your company, event, or conference, or to appear on your show, podcast or webinar. Simply select the “Engagement Exploration” option in my scheduler, and then, before you select a date and time, make sure that the time zone in my scheduler is set to the one you’ll be in when we meet. You can also click the button below to send me a message.

IMPORTANT: While I can almost always make time to provide you with consultations on an as-needed basis, I currently only have room for 1 more leader, executive, entrepreneur or helping professional whose needs justify placing a macromentor on monthly retainer. If you think you might be the person to fill that slot, do get in touch with me ASAP. (If you’d like as-needed consultations or a one-day master planning intensive, feel free to contact me anytime.)

For Helping Professionals: Time-Sensitive

I’ve been invited to give a number of training programs for helping professionals at an amazing annual conference in Toronto, Canada, that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this October. Watch the very brief video below for details. Then click the button beneath it to get more details and register. Enrollment discounts are time-sensitive, so if this is at all interesting to you, click now instead of putting it off until later.

I’ll Soon Be Launching the Most Important Online Course of My Career: Get the Scoop Here

First there was my 2-award-winning book, Sensible Self-Help: The First Roadmap For the Healing Journey. Then there was my 6-award-winning book, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships, & Our World (and its accompanying implementation workbook).

Very soon, the third generation of my 8-award-winning strategic integrated self-development and integrity elevation framework will become available. This online course is for leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, helping professionals, self-developers, and societal stewards (elected officials, journalists, & educators), who want to elevate the difference they make without sacrificing what’s precious to them on the way to success. In other words, it’s Self-Development That Serves Us All™.

The next generation system I’ve developed for you is a complete roadmap that shows you how to outgrow the survival programming that’s been holding you back, and uplevel your thriving skills so you increasingly live your life at the level of your intentions instead of your limitations. This system is all about aligning your three core drives of authenticity (being who you truly are), connection (feeling nourishingly and productively bonded with others), and impact (having positive influence in your chosen spheres of influence), so you can truly succeed at Having It All.

It’s aptly named The Integrity Guide to Having It All: How to Put Your Genius Where Your Dreams Are. Here’s a sneak preview…

Get on the VIP notification list via www.DrGruder.com/havingitall

If all continues to go as smoothly as it’s been going thus far, I anticipate launching this online course in late August or early September. I’ll be making a limited number of scholarships available so those recipients can access my system for a very deep discount.

The Integrity Guide to Having It All is the most important work of my career to date because it completely ties together my integrity elevation framework with my strategic integrated self-development system. So, I’m going to get bluntly honest with you: only those who are interested in at least looking at what this course covers will be interested in any of the resources I will be providing for the rest of my career.

With that in mind, I invite you to be the first to know when you can apply for one of those scholarships, and the first to be notified when this course launches. Get on the VIP Notification List now by clicking the button below.

Huge Announcement For Current & Aspiring Leaders

I am delighted and honored to announce that I was recently appointed Executive Director of the CIHS Center for Integral Leadership. This new non-degree certification program from the California Institute for Human Science (CIHS) will be holding its inaugural leader elevation intensive the first week of December at CIHS’s campus in Encinitas, California (north coastal San Diego county).

The Center for Integral Leadership (CIL) website will launch very soon. You’ll soon discover how the CIL’s programs will deliver the keys to effective ethical leadership that most other leader elevation programs find too hot to handle. And you’ll get all the details about our inaugural leadership elevation intensive in early December.

If you’re a current or aspiring leader, run don’t walk (with your fingers, that is) and click the button below to be the first to be notified when the CIL website launches, and to talk with me about whether this program will be the one that actually can fill the leader effectiveness gaps you still have even after the other programs you’ve attended.

My Recommended Resources From Others

INFORMED CONSENT: I make my recommendations based on value (usually the value I’ve received from utilizing this resource myself), not based on whether I am an affiliate. That said, when I’m an affiliate and you purchase through my link, I will receive financial compensation from that person or company, at no cost to you. Also, by clicking on the links below you are automatically agreeing that your choice to avail yourself of resources I recommend is yours alone. That’s because it is beyond my power to decide for you whether a resource is right for you, to control that resource’s quality, or to take responsibility for your satisfaction with it. You are therefore agreeing to hold me me fully harmless for your experience with any of these resources that you decide to utilize.

KnowLocker: The Missing Collaboration Mechanism for Business Success

Why It Matters

What is one of the very biggest unaddressed headaches that plague leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs? It’s “Knowledge Management.”

What’s Knowledge Management?

** It’s being on the same page: making sure that the right board members, executives, administrators, managers, implementers, and funding sources always have the information they need in order to not only fill their roles, but also collaborate effectively with others.

** It’s ensuring continuity: making sure that when someone new steps into an existing role, their predecessor’s wealth of knowledge about procedures, information, resources, and contacts doesn’t leave with them.

** It’s setting up succession plans that enable you to turn over leadership to someone else or to sell your business: making sure that everything your successor or buyer needs to know in order to keep the enterprise running smoothly is at their fingertips from day one.

Details at www.DrGruder.com/knowlocker

Who It’s For

If you’re a leader, executive, administrator, or entrepreneur, you owe it to yourself and your business, nonprofit, educational institution, or government agency to put an end to these needless headaches. Knowlocker has been designed to do that more effectively than any other collaboration software I’ve ever seen. 

Just a handful of
Knowlocker’s features

Decide If This is For You

Now that I know about Knowlocker, I don’t see how any enterprise can be without it. Now it’s your turn to decide if you agree by clicking the button below.


Kartra: The All-In-One Online Business Platform That Actually Works

Why It Matters

WordPress is far from the be-all end-all for online businesses. It’s got its place as a front end, IF you can successfully protect it from being hacked.

But, if you want a complete online business, you’ll need much more than a website. You’ll need a funnel builder, an autoresponder, a platform for delivering your online resources, a shopping cart for people to pay for those resources, a customer care helpdesk, an affiliate program so others can sell what you’ve got, and a way to track and tweak what’s going on from end to end.

** You can cobble together all of these elements and pray that they’ll all play well with each other, or you can have all of them under one roof.

** You can learn — or have others manage — an endless sea of software, or you can have it all under one integrated hood that cuts down learning curve immeasurably.

** You can continually have to update an endless list of WordPress plugins, and keep your site free from hackers, or you can leave it to one piece of software to do that for you.

** You can keep making guesses about what your prospects and customers are and aren’t doing, or you can use a single system that tracks all of the details that will most help you optimize your business.

** You can pay an arm and a leg for all of these many softwares that you’ll need to run a complete online business or you can pay one price for ALL of this that’s far far far lower than any one or two of these softwares when purchased separately.

What’ll it be? The inefficient costly way? Or the way that includes: 1) a pagebuilder and funnel builder that is more comprehensive than ClickFunnels or Convertri, 2) an autoresponder that is more integrated than Aweber, Mailchimp or the like, 3) a digital resource delivery platform that lets you build membership site, online course platforms, and/or digital product delivery systems, 4) a state-of-the art conversion-maximizing shopping cart that is completely integrated with your funnels, autoresponder/contact list, and digital resource delivery platform, 5) a helpdesk for prospect and customer care, 6) be able to have other sell what you’ve got as an affiliate of yours, and 7) track everything you could ever want to track in order to optimize your business.

Who It’s For

Any entrepreneur or business, small or large, in any industry, that is significantly online-based, and who wants to pay far less to get far more, in a completely integrated soup-to-nuts system that’s the Ferrari of such systems. You can build everything in Kartra under your own URL or you can seamlessly interface Kartra with your WordPress website.

Details at www.DrGruder.com/kartra

Decide If This is For You

I’m so impressed with Kartra that I’m almost done moving nearly my entire business over the it (I’m keeping a only couple of my WordPress websites and am dumping virtually all of my other subscriptions). If you have an online business, or even if a significant part of your business is online, you owe it to yourself to discover whether Kartra is for you. Click the button below to start your journey.