Dr. Gruder’s Three-Award-Winning Integrity Education Book, The New IQ, Receives New Honor as a ReaderViews.com 2008 Literary Awards Finalist in Current Events (Politics/Society)

ReaderViews has announced that "The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World" is a finalist in its 2008 book award competition, this time in the category of "Current Events (Politics/Society)."

This would be the fourth book award for The New IQ. The three awards it has already received are in Social Change, Health & Wellness and Self-Help. Now being a Current Events (Politics/Society) finalist in yet a fourth book competition speaks to how vital to today’s world integrity restoration is finally seen as being.

Receiving this many awards across this variety of categories in separate competitions also speaks to the compellingness of The New IQ’s complete template for restoring of integrity at all levels of society, which provide a fresh and much-needed look at what creates life fulfillment.

Winners in each category will be announced as soon as judging is completed, which will be no later than March 15th, 2009. For more details, click here for the announcement page on the ReaderViews website.

For information about the three book awards The New IQ has already received, go to www.TheNewIQ.com/newiqbook#3