Refreshingly talented child actress Abigail Breslin plays Kit Kittredge in this ultimately feel-good tear-jerker (if you truly allow yourself to get into it). A tale about the Great Depression on the surface, this movie is actually an allegory about the economic and political meltdown we’re in the midst of today.

In Kit Kittredge we get to be surprised by the kindness of some and equally surprised by the cruelty of others. We are shown some of the dangers of rushing to faulty judgments during difficult times because of being overly wedded to preconceptions. We are reminded about the importance of making love, integrity — and having one another’s backs — more important than all else. And we are offered a refreshing mindset about how to retain joy in the midst of huge life upheavals.

Kit Kittredge might look on first glance like a movie for kids about a bygone time but actually it’s a valuable morality play for adults about the importance of avoiding the traps that it is all-too-easy to fall into as we deal with our stresses of today.

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