Based on a true story Flash of Genius looks on the surface like it is about how corporate lies and greed destroy innovative individuals and their families. In fact, the movie’s trailer claims that we’ll be “rooting for Greg Kinnear’s character all the way” (he does a wonderful job). I didn’t. Not entirely, at least. Instead, I believe the trailer comment missed the most important point Flash of Genius makes.

Even though on the surface this movie is clearly about righting a truly wicked wrong, the more important message I believe this movie contains is about the profound damage that Greg Kinnear’s character creates through his obsession with proving he’s right: damage to his family and to himself.

Flash of Genius is a profound warning about the dangers of making crusades more important than love, and the damage that’s done by sacrificing those we care about most in the name of an otherwise worthy cause. For me, the movie’s biggest message is that being right is NOT more important being well.

Flash of Genius redoubled my commitment to not allowing causes to become more important than love, so I don’t repeat in my current marriage this contribution I unwittingly made to the demise of my first marriage. I hope that watching it redoubles your commitment to pursuing the causes you have passion about in ways that don’t cost you your wellbeing and don’t cost those you love their heart connection with you.

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