More is about to change in the new decade than in the past 100, or perhaps 2000, years. This is the decade during which your personal wellbeing and social responsibility will become one and the same. On a scale that has never before happened in the history of humanity.

Are you ready to thrive in this new world or will you become a casualty during the new decade?

Here are the four most important things you can do for yourself and us all in the new year and the new decade:

1. Stop being controlled by the powerful propaganda tactic that has been covertly manipulating your opinions each and every day for nearly 100 years.

2. Take charge of the five dimensions that will make the biggest difference in your life and our world in the new decade: Your happiness. Your health. Your prosperity. Mature patriotism. Sustainable problem-solving. These are the key areas the covert manipulators have hijacked from your hands during the last hundred years.

3. Stop waiting for business, government, the economy, or other people, to change first or you’ll be one of the casualties in the new decade. Become the change you want to see in these five key areas.

4. Facilitate these changes in your spheres of influence. Bring them into your workplace and your communities. Infuse them into your places of worship and teach them to the next generation. Require that your leaders embody and support them.

These are the four New Years resolutions that matter most. Please join me in embodying and facilitating them in the new decade. Our individual and collective sustainability depend on it.

Read more in the new "Hijacking of You" section at and then swing into action.

Do it today. Do it now. How well you do, and we do, during this pivotal decade depend on it.

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